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  1. So today I finally managed to move the tingly feeling to my balls, and Im pretty good with it, Im doing it for the last 15 minutes and they are tingling, pulsating and superhot. I also feel a bit of sexual arousal. Could it increase my T levels? It would be nice since Im big on bodybuilding. Is it safe to do that ? Its getting really hot and I dont want to kill my kids. Also, is there any taoist/shaolin training that does that? English is not my first language so go easy one haha Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everyone, Im a new chi entusiast

    Its kind of hard for me to set goals since I dont know what i actually can do with it
  3. Hi everyone, Im a new chi entusiast

    Thats good to know. Well, I did a lot of zhang zhuan and other basic exercises that I have no idea how they are named at some point I could feel this hot tingly feeling circling around my arms and chest. At some point I could do it without doing ZZ, so now I basically lay down for an hour while cicling the feeling around my body. Naturally it got stronger and now I can induce it in almost any part of my body with the exception of my back and the left side of my belly. Its much easier to do it on my arms and legs tho. Sometimes I feel a strong but pleasurable feelings on some part of my body spontaneusly and then I can induce direct the sensation to that part of my body in my next session.
  4. Hi everyone, Im a new chi entusiast

    Its quite hard for me to find a master as Im a young guy with not enough income to save, I can at most pay rent and food. I go to doctors school but I will only start working in like 3 or4 years. I also live in a south american 3rd world country.
  5. Can someone explain to me those experiences ?

    thanks for your input. I don't actually have a system, can I continue harnessing my sensitivity to it? Can it be dangerous ? And what about Yin Qi ? I cant seem to find much information online . Thanks again
  6. I dont really know how to explain it, but I've been doing chi kung since around 2015, going on and off, and about 3 years ago I started to be able to move this tingly feeling around my body that feels like static eletricity and sometimes I feel pain and pulsation in places that I focus . I also do feel some of this static when I move one of my hands next to another or to any more "sensitive" part of my body, such as arms, legs and lips . I dont need to think about the part Im directing this feeling direct or make a "path" inside my body. For example, if I bring my awareness from my head to my feet, I will feel it on my arms if my arms are resting on my body . Also, I can kind of imagine a "ball of awareness" or something like that and move it around outside of my body, and every time it comes near or pass throught my body I feel the same static feeling . What is that, and does it have any utility ? Its also the same feeling I get on my hands and other parts of the body when I practice chi kung.
  7. Hi everyone, Im a new chi entusiast

    I train Qigong since 2015 and with time I developed the ability to move the "chi" around my body. Since I cant find a master, I myself creating my own training and I do it around 1 hour a day . The sensation is increasing in strenght, not sure about other stuff tho. Could that be dangerous ? I dont know if I will stop if its actually dangerous but I want to know. Thanks