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  1. Location of the middle dantian

    I think that Hu yaozhen placed the lower dantian closer to the huiyin, thus it maintained its "lower" position.
  2. Location of the middle dantian

    I think that, according to Hu yaozhen, the middle dantian is roughly where the standard lower dantian is located, and his lower dantian was located closer to (synonymous with?) The huiyin. This, the middle was still the middle, since the lower dantian was lower. I am still curious as to why. I know Hu yaozhen was the real deal, so want to know where these locations came from.
  3. Location of the middle dantian

    Thanks for the detailed explanations. Sounds like a lot of charlatans out there!
  4. Location of the middle dantian

    Thanks for the information, and not sure how I missed that. So curious what you mean by the above quote. Could you expound on it for me?
  5. Hi all, I practice chen style taijiquan as taught by Feng zhiqiang. I have become more interested in Qigong as taught by Hu yaozhen through Feng Zhiqiang, but am a little confused about the location of the middle dantian. I have mostly heard the middle dantian as being in the chest (near heart). Hu yaozhen refers to the middle dantian below the belly button and seems very close to the lower dantian. Can anyone help explain this to me. In Hu yaozhen's system, where exactly is the middle and lower dantian?
  6. Introductions

    Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I have been studying yang style and Chen style (GM Feng Zhiqiang) taijiquan off and on for years. I am currently focused on Chen style and wanting to focus more on the meditation side.