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  2. I’ve chosen to start meditating Tonglen daily from now to at least the end of April. However, I still have some questions on how Tonglen might actually work. From my current knowledge Tonglen is a form of meditation where you breathe in the suffering of others and then convert it to compassion and breathe it out. Over time as one’s training the suffering one breathes in will begin to feel more real and so will the feeling of compassion and joy when one converts, heals it and breathes the suffering out. Is this how Tonglen actually functions or is there more? please tell me if you know anything as I will update my status on my training daily or at least weekly. Any advice is welcome!
  3. Buddhist meditations for extinguishing the self

    Hello, I have been out of dao bums for quite a while and have made quite the philosophical journey. I spent time with the universalist Christian church and saw a new perspective , I don’t believe the self should be extinguished or that it does not exist. I believe that it does indeed exist and that it is special, but it should not be the main focus of our lives. We should focus on the other souls of this world and show your love to them. Granted you won’t be perfect and maybe a bit mischievous but show your love and care for others, especially in the toughest times. I don’t believe the self is an illusion like some Buddhists say but I think I wanted to believe that because if I was not “me” then I would be a stronger person, maybe I did not like myself.
  4. Buddhist meditations for extinguishing the self

    Could you tell me what hylic pluralism is?
  5. TTC and Awareness.

    What does the Tao te Ching say about consciousness and awareness. Is unconsciousness a consciousness experience? Is true consciousness upon full reconnection and acceptance of the Dao?
  6. Buddhist meditations for extinguishing the self

    Yeah but there is a difference. Materialism entails the oblivion of consciousness and existence after death while idealism entails consciousness, existence, and awareness as indestructible and essential.
  7. Buddhist meditations for extinguishing the self

    Wait, I don’t understand. If most of you don’t believe in a dualistic universe then what do you believe in? Materialism? Idealism?
  8. Buddhist meditations for extinguishing the self

    What exactly do you mean by this?
  9. Evidence of the Dao in daily life.

    My fellow Daoists, are some super natural or strong experiences in your lives that has made you realize that the Dao is real. I would love to know. For me it is in daily conversations with other people, whenever I follow how to Dao de Ching tells me to act it normally ends with me avoiding conflicts and being in a good spot. I wish though that I could actually feel the Dao like other people and learn to trust it like they do, though I am a novice and still have much to learn.
  10. Buddhist meditations for extinguishing the self

    It would be nice to get some control of my mind. One of my greatest struggles in meditation is that I have intrusive thoughts that I deal with often and it’s hard to meditate and focus with them around.
  11. Buddhist meditations for fear and pain.

    I don’t have any teacher as where I live there is little to no Buddhist influence or education. I study on my on researching or reading texts trying to piece things together.
  12. Buddhist meditations for fear and pain.

    I sit down in a comfortable and close my eyes before closing my eyes and trying to fully concentrate on the in and out movements of my breath. Sometimes I will do specific meditations with mantra singing in the back ground or in tonglen where I try to breathe in the sufferings of others and breathe out relief and peace.
  13. Buddhist meditations for fear and pain.

    True, as Lao tzu said those who rush ahead don’t get very far.
  14. From what I have heard from many , Buddhist meditations are primarily directed at separating or extinguishing the self. What are these meditations and how do they work?
  15. Buddhist meditations for fear and pain.

    Agreed, I’m taking rest from meditation for a bit.