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  1. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    Seeking power solely for the sake of seeking power is vulgar. If you have something you must do, the power to do it is required and necessary to achieve that end. Power should only ever be a means to an end. So many people want power at any cost, but have no idea why they are even seeking it, and certainly not what they would use it for should they get it.
  2. Correct tongue position

    I asked my teacher and he said it did not matter.
  3. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    This is cute.
  4. Love, Loving-Kindness, Bonds, Attachment

    thanks for this
  5. I'm more on the side of soul leaving the body as the body is an individual with the soul. Without the soul the body is just biological matter that has ceased it's function.
  6. Truth Of Casual Sex

    That's for sure XD
  7. Anger as Power

    Anger that fuels a drive to achieve a goal in terms of self improvement can be helpful but I can easily backfire and result in not feeling satisfied with yourself. There's also the bad kind of anger that's fuel with hate and that is destructive. As hate is a place where a man who can't stand sadness goes.
  8. sex

    With how much we sweat, and release body fluids energy expenditure is off the charts
  9. Sacred Drinks

    Yeah I also read about that it definitely helped me drink Atleast water that's not absolutely chilled but just one or two degrees below my own temperature but only in the summer and rainy season
  10. Sacred Drinks

    Completely abandoned soft drinks ( sodas from my life and now it's filled with chilled green tea and my own blend of herb tea
  11. Stress response

    That's the first I've heard of it. This seems interesting. Although that would make sense as it would allow for your balls to nor get injured in case of a threatening situation
  12. Stress response

    It's not a stress response it's mostly a by product of surviving from a stressful situation mostly life threatening in which your natural survival Mechanism for the continuation of your genes becomes active and makes you want to fornicate and spread your seed. Sort of like a biological mortality indicator.
  13. The radio secret of DNA

    It sounds so much like the law of attraction. Positive energy and good expectations bring forth the most desired results 💯
  14. Gaming Corner- What's your game

    For me my most common game to fall on with me and my boys is rainbow six siege. Kinda bummed I have to always use a VM to run it on my Linux system but over all it works and I have a good time
  15. Hello there

    Yeah !! that sounds awesome. I'd love to have some suggestions and beginner recommendations on some good practices.