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  1. What's a mystic and how to become one?

    You are too kind to Islam... most Sufis who actually become Mystics end up leaving Islam.. once you have seen the truth you cannot continue the lie, which is why they are hated so much in Islam. We should not try to let Islam off the hook because of a perceived more violent period of history - that's not actually historically true - and death and violence was certainly unleashed by Islam on a mass scale not seen before on several continents. Remember Jesus and Buddha came 700 hundreds years and a millenia before the psychotic prophet and their teachings read somewhat differently, I'm sure you'd agree.
  2. What's a mystic and how to become one?

    Islamic apologism and lies will not work, my numbers are in fact under estimated, because we have not counted the other millions of killings and deaths brought about to the world by the "religion of peace" (in those regions alone). Stop with the Islamic plagiarised pseudo spirituality and garbage, the same Koranic texts proscribe pederasty, deceiving those who are not in the Ummah and unrestrained violence against others, so much to "submission to God", no thanks... Like I said Mohammed was a fraud and there is nothing spiritual to be found in Islam, it is but a death cult of conquest nothing more, a plague on humanity.
  3. What's a mystic and how to become one?

    Ah yes because now facts are "hate speech", laughable. Tell that to the female poet Mohammed had murdered because she dared to criticise him, such an "enlightened" being he was, not to mention the other people he had beheaded. No that just means you are completely asleep and in the thrall of the illusion, some might go as far as saying trapped in the worship of the demiurge - as all muslims are. Being a mystic eventually results in union and freedom from your perceived "overwhelming master", which illustrates perfectly how unenlightened Islam is, what more can we expect when the founder of Islam was a spiritual fraud and nothing more than a belligerent warlord. There is nothing spiritual to be found in Islam except for the conquest of "the world of caesar" and the subjugation of mankind to its most base animalistic existence as you so nicely illustrated.
  4. What's a mystic and how to become one?

    If you are going to suspend me for 2 weeks at least have the courtesy to: 1) Not put words in my mouth 2) Not delete my post so that it can actually be read by people who can make up their own minds on the matter. 3) Actually put up something of a defence based on some facts (which you have completely failed to do) rather that just what you "think" is appropriate due to your pre-determined political correctness, So here's some facts, just 2 examples for you: -The Islamic conquest of the Sogdians alone exterminated 17 million people in Central Asia and eliminated them from the history books, that's almost 3 times more Jews the well lubricated modern Nazi machine managed to kill during WW2, except for that this enormous blood bath in the name of "Allah" occurred in the early medieval times without trains and gas chambers. -The conquest of India by Islam exterminated an estimated 100 million people, this invasion alone accounts for more death than all the wars in the name of Christendom combined throughout history. Buddhism itself was exterminated in India due to this conquest. You argue that because Islam is widespread today that gives it credibility, you are very much mistaken, many viruses too are very successful and widespread to this day (and many are older than mankind itself), that doesn't mean we should accept them and not try to eliminate them, be it HIV, Coronavirus or Islam. I speak on behalf of the millions of extinguished Hindus and Buddhists (not to mention Christians and others like the Persians) who were murdered in their millions by this death cult & plague, and who in unison say a resounding "No" to the false prophet & spiritual fraud Mohammed (who very much should be judged by his actions in his life, which were disgraceful even by the standards of his time, certainly no Jesus or Buddha there). So... You are speaking to one and anyone who has had any sort of higher realisations or what one would call mystical experiences will not take issue with what I have written above, because they will know. The same can be said for Muslims who upon discovering higher realities and mysticism cease to be Muslims (this is quite often the case and an occurence within the Sufi sect which is why they are often persecuted and vilified by other Muslims), because put quite simply once you have discovered the truth of this reality, it's difficult to accept any lies anymore. I will finish with this very fitting verse from the New Testament: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12
  5. New mystic here

    Hello everyone, I forget how I found this forum. I have a Christian background and I would call myself a Christian, but I also gravitate heavily towards Yoga (however I am not religious at all and find any devotional religious overtones very off putting). I don't personally subscribe to Buddhism however it is a valid path and there are many good insights there (the goal is just a little too ultimate for those who still want to participate in this world in my opinion). My particular interests within Yoga are Japa and Ajapa Mantra. I look forward to browsing here and occasionally participating with you all!