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  1. Stress response

    Hello everybody, I was reading that along with fight, flight and freeze, the other stress response is fornicate. Somebody know what happens to the body if is picked fornicate?
  2. Stress response

    Hello everybody. I was in a very stressed situation, and after I started to flirt with a girl. After that, i had pre-ejaculate leakage. The only one who explains this phenomenon related to stress is the known Dr Lin, who writes about the sympathetic fight and flight responses, where fight=precum/semen leakage/ premature ejaculation and flight=going limp or impotence. I knew about the stress related responses “premature ejaculation” and “going limp”, did not know about the precum leakage, that happened to me. Would be very grateful to be enlightened. Thank you.
  3. Hello everybody

    Hello everybody, glad to be here