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  1. Manifestations of Tao in our world

    "Tao is not the essence, Tao is the way we go" Zhuangzi says something like this. Every thing has it's own Tao, but this Tao forces inanimate things to do something? Or the opposite, Tao is nature of all things? Like nature of Big Bang was creation of Universe? Then, can I say, if I consider that some Supreme God exists, that His own Tao is the creation and management of the world?
  2. Tao, thing and cosmology.

    Ah thank you. Looks like I mistaken and wrote all in welcome post.
  3. Tao, thing and cosmology.

    Hello, I have several questions about the essence of Tao. So, let's go. I am former Muslim, so my thoughts about the Tao might be not correct 1. Our universe emerged from Tao? Or it's emerged from Wu Ji as the Creation of the world, this is its Path? 2. Is Tao forcing to do something? Like "Even leaves fall with his knowledge"? Or Tao (named Tao I mean, because true eternal Tao of course cannot be expressed by words) is basically the nature of all things? 3. And please say, if we consider, that some Supreme God exists, Is it correct to say that the creation of the world and the management of the world is the God's Tao? Sorry for this questions, they might be strange, but do you think about same things? What are your thoughts on this?