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  1. Daoist Staff Work...?

    I’m learning the later style of Gao baguazhang which comes with a staff version of all the linear forms. I’m kind of again assuming internal martial arts is synonymous with Daoist, but if it helps, all the Gao lineage holders had to be initiated into a Daoist lineage. You could probably find some sort of “Wudang staff” forms floating around but you might want to check the lineage to make sure it wasn’t made up to cash in on martial arts tourism. That being said there’s no reason an accomplished martial artist couldn’t come up with their own staff form using Daoist/internal principles today, like Gao did less than 200 years ago. E: there are other non-Gao bagua staff forms as well, but I don’t know specifics.
  2. Howdy

    Greetings Dao bums, I’ve lurked on this forum for a while and finally decided I’d like to start posting. I definitely appreciate how chill Daoist forums usually are compared to the rest of the internet. I’m pretty new to Taiji and Neigong and have been practicing Buddhism for a while. Looking forward to some good discussions on that which cannot be discussed!