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  1. Where did you learn that? Is in TCM?
  2. Do you know some practices for doing in full moon or new moon? Either of daoist tradition or Hindu, buddist, esoteric etc I can give some advice First; Never ejaculate 2 days before, the day, and 2 days after a full or new moon. The moon eat life energy those days, search for gurdjieff for more detail, therefore ejaculate, sex, emotions etc are the dinner for the moon, i don't wtf the moon is either natural or artificial but the fact it's that eat life energy. The "crazy" or unbalanced ppl become more unbalanced etc basically the moon it's like a boost, like you can take energy or you give energy those days. I personally feels in new moon more "love", if i can use that word, but definitely it's not anger or bad feelings, I fell like loosing all boundaries. In full moon i feel the sex drive more intense but it pass and then i have this feeling again. These days ppl become more aggressive, more violent, do more mischief etc. So don't go outside it's the best. Because 95+ of the world eats meat so... they have all the emotions of the animals being killed. You eat meat, they eat you haha. At first look like sad view all those ppl being food for other entities, they act\are like zombies, like machines it would say G, but it's nature in this universe all energy it's transform nothing it's loosed, and i think they have what they deserve.
  3. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    Sex is natural so that it's no problem for the body unless you have it in excess like all things too much pleasure and it become pain and viceversa. "Spiritual development" i really don't understand what you mean but if you are talking of time and in time becoming better and better for who knows what motive, Search for jiddu Krishnamurti, i think i was alone and crazy for seeing the things as they are until a met JK. I always think the same but he is much better explaining. I just can't, and don't want too
  4. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    Search in YT and reddit about prostate play, there are lot of info. Also look this video, It's about sex in Tao practice. Maybe you should stop doing chia stuff, it's dangerous and probably he is not a even a taoist, cause you know "Just flow in the non-action" but at the same time you are struggling in don't letting go the semen haha. it's hypocrisy. Search better for Tantra but you can't learn all just reading books. If you are searching for pleasure, You searching for pleasure is gonna give pain you can't separate the 2.
  5. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    I just want to say that i see in reddit in forums about hypnosis and similar stuff, one couple that they hypnotized each other, the guy hypnotized the girl to be super horny etc, and the girl hypnotized the guy to not to cum until she wanted after saying some word o sound, they lasted like hours... and because hypnosis is in the subconscious or unconscious mind there is not effort or struggling just relaxation. Also another guy have an ejaculatory orgasm without even touch his 🍆, just with an hypnotic audio. So this confirms that the subconscious mind can control all the functions of the body without requiring external stimulus. It's so powerful and at the same time so dangerous, like technology, depends on who use it. But isn't fantasy just seems like until you know it. Also you can reach unlimited orgasms with prostate stimulation without losing semen, you can go and go and are all body orgasm far more intense than regular ejaculatory orgams and and they last as long as you want them to last. Im just a beginner in this im sure there's much more things you can do
  6. I don't know if someone ever had have heard of the Magical Passes of Carlos Castaneda (Tensegrity). It is say that is a combination between a shaman from China who go to Mexico 300-200 years ago and anothers shamans from Mexico resulting in the Magical Passes. I want to know if someone with best understanding of Qigong can see similarities between Tensegrity and some styles of Qigong from north or southern China, wich, maybe, the roots of Tensegrity are. Some links: Thx
  7. Recent Discoveries About Mao Shan Energy Work and Magic

    Everything seems to be fine except one problem, I see a video on your channel where the thumbnail says "how to receive the transmission of energy from higher beings", the method or technique that you know, do you have any relationship, help, etc. with non-organic beings? I will never send (or receive) my energy to any "high spirit", "supreme teacher", etc. I ask it before doing the practice, because if they appear while doing the movements, even if they look like Jesus, lao tze, a beautiful woman, etc., I will kill them and send them to the sun, quickly, without time even to speak. I see one and it is dead instantly I ask you before doing the practice to avoid problems later ... I respect you if you have pacts with non-organic beings, but you should at least warn if you work with them
  8. Greetings

    Im happy to have found a place with good info, experience, and a community about The Tao. Im excited to learn from all you. For this I want to share two poems From Zhuang tzu: THE TURTLE Chuang Tzu with his bamboo pole Was fishing in Pu river. The Prince of Chu Sent two vice-chancellors With a fonnal document: "We hereby appoint you Prime Minister." Chuang Tzu held his bamboo pole. Still watching Pu river, He said: "I am told there is a sacred tortoise, Offered and canonized Three thousand years ago, Venerated by the prince, Wrapped in silk, In a precious shrine On an altar In the Temple. "What do you think: Is it better to give up one's life And leave a sacred shell As an object of cult In a cloud of incense Three thousand years, Or better to live As a plain turtle Dragging its tail in the mud?" "For the turtle," said the Vice-Chancellor, "Better to live And drag its tail in the mud!" "Go home!" said Chuang Tzu. "Leave me here To drag my tail in the mud!" LEAVING THINGS ALONE I know about letting the world alone, not interfering. I do not know about running things. Letting things alone: so that men will not blow their nature out of shape! Not interfering, so that men will not be changed into something they are not! When men do not get twisted and maimed beyond recogni- tion, when they are allowed to live-the purpose of govern- ment is achieved. Too much pleasure? Yang has too much influence. Too much suffering? Yin has too much influence. When one of these outweighs the other, it is as if the seasons came at the wrong times. The balance of cold and heat is destroyed; the body of man suffers. Too much happiness, too much unhappiness, out of due time, men are thrown off balance. What will they do next? Thought runs wild. No control. They start everything, finish nothing. Here competition begins, here the idea of excellence is born, and robbers appear in the world. Now the whole world is not enough reward for the "good," nor enough punishment for the "wicked." Since now the world itself is not big enough for reward or punishment. From the time of the Three Dynasties men have been running in all directions. How can they find time to be human? You train your eye and your vision lusts after color. You train your ear, and you long for delightful sound. You de- light in doing good, and your natural kindness is blown out of shape. You delight in righteousness, and you become righteous beyond all reason. You overdo liturgy, and you tum into a ham actor. Overdo your love of music, and you play corn. Love of wisdom leads to wise contriving. Love of knowledge leads to faultfinding. If men would stay as they really are, taking or leaving these eight delights would make no difference. But if they will not rest in their right state, the eight delights develop like malignant tumors. The world falls into confusion. Since men honor these delights, and lust after them, the world has gone stone-blind. When the delight is over, they still will not let go of it: they surround its memory with ritual worship, they fall on their knees to talk about it, play music and sing, fast and discipline themselves in honor of the eight delights. When the delights become a religion, how can you control them? The wise man, then, when he must govern, knows how to do nothing. Letting things alone, he rests in his original nature. He who will govern will respect the governed no more than he respects himself. If he loves his own person enough to let it rest in its original truth, he will govern others without hurting them. Let him keep the deep drives in his own guts from going into action. Let him keep still, not look- ing, not hearing. Let him sit like a corpse, with the dragon power alive all around him. In complete silence, his voice will be like thunder. His movements will be invisible, like those of a spirit, but the powers of heaven will go with them. Unconcerned, doing nothing, he will see all things grow ripe around him. Where will he find time to govern?