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  1. Trying to make this post less obscure: I'd like to know if you believe in NLP or something that's called magic(k) or black tantra... if you believe in that, I'd like to know if there's a decent way to get aware of such stuff if one is susceptible to this stuff and to repell this influence and how that is possible. (and no, I don't wish to go into the abyss of reddit and read occultist works!) This is because when several women mentioned specifics of sexual abuse in a town nearby, there were men who spoke up and said, they might have been psychologically manipulated via hypnotherapy or neurolinguistic programming and this sounds just very disgusting and I wondered if that might be a real thing and how those could be helped, if that wasn't in their benefit but for egoistic purposes of the perpetrator. Maybe those men had no idea, was hoping for a 'reality check' on the daobums. Thanks a lot!
  2. this seems contradictory. and you don't give a plausible reason why. I prefer the extreme ownership approach: whatever is in my life is there for a reason, and even if it is that I have a faint resonance for it, e.g. wanting to have that experience, even despite it being against my truthful will and benefit. If I got myself into a bad situation, I can get myself out of it, or die trying. The ignorance of the consequences or indifference of non-acting despite realizing the infringement seems to be a sin towards the higher Self of the person. Even if unaware, that's what I dreamt, when I fell asleep while listening to music last time.
  3. Thank you again for your answer, @Nungali! I'm not at all tuned into this, I'm quite blind concerning those subtler levels. Just on few days, - where there's some astrological transit emphasis on my natal Neptun etc. - I do get different dreams at night than usual. Else, those outer planets effects (and levels) are mostly hidden or - well overshadowed by the others. (Although dreams have usually always been helpful to me, those times now I sometimes have to check, - oh yes, it really was just a surreal dream - - uff! ). That's why I prefer psychology, science, proof, perceivable cause and effect, laws of nature instead of tricks and - for me - unexplainable, might those be simple manipulation or subtler. However there's times, when I feel intuitively that I'd have like to have an explanation for some of the things I do not understand (...) as there's something that's going wrong, and it's not wrong because of me or my perception. Like the cases I wrote about, and some other experiences. My mind strongly overwrites those as figments of imagination and oversensitivity of the senses. Maybe Occam's razor is the best solution here, - unaware stupidity (like the assault case) of people is simply awful! ('s_razor) Worse might be only aware stupidity and hurtfullness. It might very well be all there, but you cannot fight with monsters you don't see? And the occult isn't really my choice of playground. For now I go with Ronald Weasley, - I'd rather like to chase butterflies than spiders (if I have to chase anything at all) and so I'll stick with the advice in 1 + 2 try to deliver it to those I have in mind as far as that's still possible ...(preliminary research and getting to know self better). I might get back to you about that topic at some time, thanks!
  4. Yes. There's the obvious, that which you can deduct by simply looking at people and questioning their motives. What is paradoxical to me, is how it is possible to influence people against their will and benefit... Thus why I mentioned probabilities before... If one is aware of their will and benefit, they just wouldn't do it, no? Why should they... So they are only halfway aware ? Just wanted to know if there was some managable action, still trying to make an analogy with the bird example... but fail miserably.
  5. Thanks, @Nungali, - - to speak in the terms of spells and magic, rather than NLP and anchors, hypno'therapy' etc. etc. ... in your words... (trying to summarize) it would take a "white magician" (with some experience like that they strive for in the eleusian mysteries) to break the "spell" of a "black magician" or egoistic unaware manipulative wicked bastard, so to speak? Or the "spell" didn't even result there but was there all along? Irritating! How would one ever know the intent...? How then trust...? --- Well, in the case of the assault I was mentioning, - the woman mentioned, she couldn't mumble a "NO!" but was strongly unwilling to intercourse when it happened, and let it happen, - happened when she was still half asleep. I found that pretty shocking reading this today... (shocked not by the sexual assault, that happens often, but that she couldn't or didn't express her explicit will. - and she wasn't the only one there saying this... oh no...) So never mind, if it is black tantra, NLP, hypnotherapy or else... without the realization of being manipulated into something you initially don't wish to do and the will to do something against there's no way out for those? (Asking because there's another, who didn't get what the matter over the outcry was, as her boyfriend would usually take her, when she was still asleep / not conscious and often couldn't say if it was reality or a dream, - even though building of a will is not possible in that state and it is prosecutable!) Not sure if I understand this correctly... do you mean - like the average consciousness is a near type of hypnotic programmed trance?
  6. The how and if of the influence of occult magic(k), NLP, black tantra or whatever they call it... You, @Nungali, always mention Aleister Crowley... I know you hold him in high regard, but I do not and do not wish to get into his works, just asking, in your opinion in a few words, if that stuff works and how it could influence people on a subconscious level or else - people under the spell - so to speak. - if it is even real (that's what I dunnot know).
  7. Mysticism

    Why isn't that what is perceivable and influencable by word and deed alone (no tricks) not good enough? Why does there have to be (what I'd call) undue influence to live a great or good life? Why can't that which is haunting you just be some ultimate real part of you that wonders where your true path is and work out stuff from your past that didn't went that well? I truly believe you can still find the miraculous elsewhere, macrocosmos of nature, relationships, science, astronomy, arts, music, people, history or whatever you choose if you actually wish to!
  8. Father of Light, Mother of Darkness

    Cannot contribute anything about asian worldviews and concepts that isn't already known here - what comes to my mind is what Mozart and Schickaneder did with the 'Magic Flute' Opera, if anyone is into music here... (which is set before ancient egypt) At some matinée at the theater they told before, that in fact originally they had it planned out differently before the publication. Queen of the Night should then have been King of the Night, - as the greedy, passionate, angry, vengeful, distrustful, scheming man instead of woman. Sarastro, with his (strange and easy to risk someone's life and sanity) brotherhood (who doesn't seem to support free will of the individual either !!) stands for the light, the humanistic ideals, benevolence, should in their plan have been the female character. For whatever reason - don't know if this is even true - they were obligated to exchange the male / female parts, - (doesn't make quite sense to me, however should any man be ever able to sing the "Queen of the Night Aria" ? Or did they really change that much ? ) Once I wondered, if the Queen of the Night should have been a symbol for the catholic church and Sarastro with his 'sevenfold sun circle' the liberty, truth, reason and individualism of the siècle du lumière, - 'age of enlightenment' which started with the Diderot, D'Alembert, Rousseau, Voltaire, the first encyclopedia, science development and voices against the cencorship and abuse of power by the catholic church and the respective ruler of the countries back then in the west. And this could be of course an analogy to the individual and Kant's self imposed immaturity. But then again: one can interprete almost anything into music and poetry, no? Far fetched for sure. Anyways, the whole thing always irritated me. (It seems something doesn't fit in the opera.) However, - one does seem to find both concepts (male and female) in males and females. As well as darkness and light. About the divine, - somewhat I'd equate consciousness with light, and birth / creation with the darkness, but more intuitively so, quite surely influenced by legends and stories told from a young age on. Consciousness would need something to be put into, creation without consciousness might be quite destructive in the long run... one not without the other. Still, one seems to be more perfect accomplished (polished) than the other, I'd say... but couldn't exist long without the other? --- Edit: and about the not so accomplished imperfect evolving 'darkness' (in case of the flawed individual and the flawed (?) evolving world in general) I'd let Leonard Cohen answer to your foremost question... "there's a crack in everything, that's how the light get's in" - so to speak a necessary process somewhat (lyrics from anthem, see also it's torn by him, if you're interested. remarkable artist indeed!) --- @forestofemptiness could you please get into some more details, this sounds quite interesting, or maybe just send a link or so.
  9. Any interesting Health Hacks to share?

    Don't intend to conquer and drive the thread away, but would anyone know a less invasive resource for metabolism regulation (= balance?) for those who don't react that well towards modern medicine ? ? Yes, I know, if serious I should see doctor or TCM practicioneer. But just in case, that'd be great! Edit: never mind
  10. Any interesting Health Hacks to share?

    what's been of use to me - lately: ginger water black tea with milk reishi - THE one thing that gives me focus and stability these days acaia gum - as dietary fiber guarana ginseng zeolite - in case of detox need ashwagandha - also for concentration and nerves vit b12 iron kalium vit d3 in oil vit k2 in oil rubia cordifolia - agains burning skin issues pomegranate juice a mixture of dry fruits, flower pollen, legumes, herbs herbs in tea, depending on the current conditions. very rarely black chocolate apart: clean eating. meaning no processed foods and absolutely no only few sweets.
  11. Haven't been able to eat the last few days. I realized something that makes me feel internally sick to the innermost, causing me to vomit. (sorry.) I tried tea (salvia officinalis). Anything that I can do ?
  12. The best thing you have learned from TDB?

    to find trust in myself, the wisdom of the way and kind strangers even if both seemed rather hard for some time. thanks to those with whom I could connect here. glad you were and are there.
  13. What are you listening to?

    just imagine the dancer being blind !
  14. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Sounds great! How did you manage this? (feel free to pm if you like.)
  15. change name request

    if possible, I'd like to change my account name - thanks in advance! to: questionmark
  16. Somewhere I stumbled about a (probably) chinese character that looks like the romanized version of a big "K", but with the 'lower leg' turned slightly upwards above the middle, and then a knee like it is ready to kick. Looking for the meaning or any references, but I know that out of context this might be a shot in the dark. Thanks in advance for any hints or ideas (but please don't rack your brains about it.)
  17. Concept of destiny in Taoist alchemy

    how would one know or find out what ones destiny is, so what it is you are meant to "work on" or "develop on" in this life?
  18. Thanks for the hint, no, that's not what I meant. Might have been this one: é•¿ any other meanings than "long" / "grow"?
  19. How do you structure your daily life?

    Thoreau like simplicity in modern times? Interesting, do you live the life of an ascetic, is this just a metaphor for the eastern perspective on personal development or is your life really as simple as this? So "goals" aren't the motor's driving force for most of you. Interesting!
  20. Do you use specific methods with dividing the time for most effectiveness and wellbeing - as in time well spent, like using a calender and plan each week ahead? Setting weekly, monthly, yearly goals? Which self management methods do you use, e.g. getting things done? Or don't you and apart from the time that is already taken in by job and family duties you just wait "to be kissed by the muses"? Be glad to hear some of your ideas.
  21. The Clarity Aspect in Buddhism

    You are saying that the mind is not useful here and the time is not well spent thinking about this, as it is beyond thinking? @old3bob Emptiness as no-thing-ness. Clarity as ... well, terms are tough, here. What do you mean with the dependence on the observer to collapse a wave? Thanks for the commentary and the try to explain, @dwai.
  22. The Clarity Aspect in Buddhism

    (...) (...) So there is no definition of 'clarity' in that context. Simply equating it with emptiness will not do it, hence the articles purpose. (...) --- edit: so emptiness viewed through the dual mind and clarity ('void') viewed through non-dual experience, so it is but one reality, (still may not be equated ! ) but it is perceived differently, because the dual mind kind of has sensory filters and glasses to function with ideas and concepts and differentiations? so the title is a mere remembrance of non-duality? ok.
  23. The Clarity Aspect in Buddhism

    Enjoyed reading this, especially about the cloud metaphor, thanks for sharing! Read this several times, foreign to these concepts and terms I still struggle with understanding, - with the clarity aspect: When the clouds are equal to the phenomena and emotions etc. and you deduct them to be mere illusions (without essence) you will arrive at emptiness? So clarity is emptiness? Is that consolation ? Or is one then sheer mesmerized with experiencing actions (& cause, conditions, effects) of the theatrical performance? (The miracle of experience AND awarenwess of it's emptiness being clarity? Or the potentiality that arises within it being clarity? Would be glad, to get some ... wait for it ... - clarity - or opinions on this.) Did I miss the clarity aspect, because I am stuck too much in the clouds..?
  24. Is fulfillment a worthwhile goal ?

    Whatever I say here will probably annoy you, as I am not talking in the same concepts as you do, so you will probably not resonate to it and throw it aside as it seems too foolish or simple and not spiritual enough, but here's to your initial questions by some outsider ... Depends what you decide fulfillment is for you in the very moment. Life is always changing, throwing new challenges at you, for you to take and maybe master and if not: learn from your 'failures'. If you reach/miss one bar, there'll just be another, for those who want to see it. So this fulfilling/disappointing feeling is, in my opinion, only momentarily by nature, if you keep an open mind and stay flexible in your desires. If you do develop long term goals (through decisive values) you've become certain about, like getting mentally tough, being financially independent, learning to detach from your emotions etc., you can train that in every action you take. You might see process and recess and regress over time (like when you watch a video series and overview the whole season, instead of just one episode of the characters life) and that can be in my opinion fulfilling and worthwhile, because it will be a great driving power, as it eases identifying the and dealing with the 'friction' (definition by von Clausewitz) of everyday life. When the 'friction' get's lesser through your constant work on yourself, it is a good way to live, I believe. See also: as a concept to deal with in turbulent times. It is of exceptional use in extreme pressure situations or disorientation by the military and business. There are more simplified graphics on the internet that might suit more than the one in the link. Either it is not the right (and worthwhile) path for you or you'll have to develop more toughness to go through it anyways, that's your decision alone. Applying morals in your every action, when before you have identified your true values that lead you to your specific set of morals. I'd advise you to change the perspective: not having arrived means there's stuff for you to do, to get to some place you either deem worthwhile or to handle in the best way whatever life throws at you with what you've got. Whenever you'd want to listen to someone telling you something about detachment, discipline, qualities and extreme ownership of actions, I would recommend tuning in to Jocko Willinks podcast. maybe you wont resonate, still I believe it can help find your driving force inside you again. (Always helped me. And he has a good voice at least.) He does some Q&A and goes through (some more some less) valuable books (Napoleon, Hackworth, Frederick the II., Musashi), whatever he picks out you can often make use of or reflect about in your own life, at least that's what I experienced. He is way more oriented to living life than to the external and internal concepts, many people carry around with themselves while fighting with the friction as Don Quichotte with the windmills.
  25. The Cool Picture Thread Public domain Wikipedia commons