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  1. I’m New here-Need help with chi attacks

    I am under attack by dark masters who think it’s funny to play with my energy. They are organized and dismantling to my flow. They do things like tap there fingers in a specific pattern, move their feet or rock back in forth pressing against my aura.. when they do these attacks they play with my root chakra or don tien. The sensation is uncomfortable in a violating manner. They also like to make sounds with there mouth like smack their lips softly and whatnot which hit my sacral chakra to root or the upper and lower don tien. I call it chi rape because that’s essentially the effect that it gives off. It is some sort of cult of weirdos and I don’t wish to go down any rabbit holes I just need advise on things that could help. They also make sounds like specific tapping or using the pitch of their voice to effect me psychologically. I have been told by them I was being attacked by there group and it is a sadistic nature these people have. They use dark arts I am not aware of I am not to literate as I should be in meridian and what not and am not a good focus in meditation; I get blocked up easily if I try to clear my mind or perform tai chi so I’ve given up in those areas. If anyone has been subject of such attacks and know techniques to protect myself I would be grateful. It’s a difficult subject for me to discuss and my hope is dwindling as to how to fight them off. I have tried mirroring their attacks in a deflective rather than reflective manner. A little bit of both but I wish to learn how to simply be unmovable in my aura.