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  1. Hello everyone

    I really enjoyed the retreat. Sophie is good fun and will stretch students. She has a discernable qi field even someone of my meager spiritual development can notice. Bonhays, her retreat centre is a really nice place to visit and spend time at. Highly recommended.
  2. Hello everyone

    Thanks Ilu
  3. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone. By way of introduction, I've been planning on practicing for about 20 years and finally convinced myself to actually start practicing seriously in 2016. Since then I've been doing a daily sitting practice in the Buddhist Theravada tradition, mainly Shamatha, some Vipassana. At the beginning of 2020 I finally managed to convince myself to add in daily neigong/qigong practice, attended a retreat with Sophie Johnson, one of Damo Mitchell's senior teachers and since then I've been practicing an hour of Dano's system daily in addition to the Buddhist seated work. I'm very interested in these arts and interested to chat and explore with like minded people. I make no claims to any sort of attainment but am a serious follower of the path.