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  1. Thank you!

    Thank you for all the amazing content! I have had the good luck to see some amazing qi masters, including the late Master Jiang Feng, and Master Panagiotis Senteris, however neither of them talked about fu fa shen, at least to me, or anyone I know! I am able to do some mind blowing stuff in front of my teacher Panagiotis Senteris but it's only because he imbues qi into me and I can do only a fraction, of those things by myself.... (feel free to see a 1 minute video of me using qi to move an object at Panagiotis Senteris's dojo in Athens). I am an acupuncture and shiatsu practitioner. I would love to learn more about the fu fa shen and how I could follow some of the training, in Greece, UK or elsewhere in Europe. 🙏💜 Ilaira Bouratinos