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  1. Half Lotus Vs. Full Lotus

    CT, dwai, and Rara, thanks so much for your replies!
  2. Half Lotus Vs. Full Lotus

    Ooooo I’ve never considered it from that perpective! Thank you for sharing 😊!
  3. New kid on the block

    Much love! Btw I recognize the image in your avatar, very dope!
  4. Hi friends, I thought I would ask everyone what their thoughts are on the differences between half lotus and full lotus (aside from the obvious difficulty of maintaining a full lotus lol). I've certainly done a number on my knees over the year trying to hold a full lotus too early, or stretched too aggressively to try and attain a full lotus. Anywho, your thoughts are all appreciated!
  5. New kid on the block

    Hi Ilu, Thanks for the official invitation and welcome! I’ll have a look through the rules and expectations you’d outlined. I’ll also respect the limitations insinuated above. All the best! Chris
  6. New kid on the block

    Hi friends! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chris although my user is AngolMoa... because who doesn’t like a cool alias lol. I’m really not a fan of talking about myself but I’m a 34 yr old male from Canada. I, like I’m sure all of you, have a deep love for meditation and martial arts. I’ve been doing both since the age of 11ish but my consistency can definitely be called into question hah. I started with Judo, jumped into Taolu (wushu), took up some kali, and then a bunch of film-fu. Ultimately ended up as a stuntman for film and tv. On the meditative side of things I’d mostly been directionless and just intuitively following some form of practice. I found a community of people sharing meditation information around a dude named Wan a long time ago which I found super helpful to me at the time. Since then I was another guy on the search to find JC to be able to fulfill a lifelong dream of setting newspapers on fire lol. That led me to Jim and being accepted as one of his students. I don’t know much about the culture here but I do know that topic gets pretty political so that’s where I’ll leave that. Ultimately it helped me practice meditation regularly which was a big win. Mmmm I’m pretty much an open book if you couldn’t already tell and I try and not take myself too seriously. Any hoodles, I’ve crept these forums from time to time over the last decade so it’s nice to actually be here and meet everyone! Chris or AngolMoa 8)