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  1. Hi to All those Interested in Genuine Taoism. I am a Fully Ordained Australian Taoist Priest of the "Zheng Yi Dao linage" aka Celestial Masters branch of Taoism. Internationally recognized by The Chinese Taoist Association of China.and the Eight Immortals Taoist Temple aka, "BA Xian AN" Taoist Temple in XI'AN Shaanxi Province PRC. I am the Principal and Owner of a genuine Taoist Qi Cultivation and Taoist Qi-gong Education School in Western Australia. . . I have no political connection nor will I go into such discussions as they have nothing to do with being a Taoist.. . All genuine Taoist questions like: How do I become an official fully ordained Taoist Priest? What is the correct and proper education and training required? What is the importance of Linage? What are the two main branches of Religious and Spiritual Taoism? Can I be a Taoist and not be Religious? What is required if I only want to be a "Philosophical Taoist". (a person who only follows the teachings of the "Tao Te Ching". What Taoist books do I need to study. Are cross cultural religious studies Important?