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  1. Let's Talk!

    You seem like a pretty interesting Dao Bum too What subjects are you "specializing" in?
  2. Yes, it's not like that's the only place where it ever tingled, but it normally is never so strong and concentrated in one point. That's why it intrigued me.
  3. tai chi that allows you to see into the astral

    Hoo interesting Can you tell me more about the "pieces of the board"? What do you mean by that?
  4. While standing in the second position in Zhan Zhuang one morning, I started feeling a strong tingling in my left wrist, almost as if someone grabbed me there. I think the position was the acupoint PC6. When I went to sleep that night and was lying in bed, I had the same feeling again. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Or do you have experience with activity in acupoints during Qi Gong?
  5. tai chi that allows you to see into the astral

    @RiverSnake What if someone has such a natural capacity and has been struggling with it, what would you recommend them to do? Do you happen to have any references or tips?
  6. Let's Talk!

    Thank you
  7. Let's Talk!

    I've been waiting for a group like this to show up, and I have a really good feeling about this forum. It seems to be a place with people who know what they are talking about, and treat each other with respect. I am studying Herbal Medicine and Vitalism (the body's ability to heal itself) and I've come to see things as roads we find or make, for us to walk on. All Paths lead to one destination, but will we have the energy to reach that destination by ourselves? Hardly. Again, there are several ways to overcome this, and one of those is by combining the paths, use several and let them strengthen each other. Over time, understanding for one subject comes effortless, fueled by the knowledge amassed by the other paths. None of the paths I walked better than other people in the beginning, but the secret was that I was walking several, and was average in all of them. One day, the growth shoots up exponentially all of a sudden. It's Spring, and Winter's hard work proves itself to be fruitful. There is one more thing that I learned. It's that I learn faster by asking for advice and teaching from people who have spent way more time than me on a subject. And that is why I am here. To quietly observe a new community that I've never had a chance to be part of even though I would have like to, but couldn't due to circumstances, and to exchange however much knowledge I can, then go back to my Hermit-Mode and assimilate, so to say. I've searched far and wide until I found an Art that I liked and that suited me. I have discovered Zhan Zhuang a few years ago, and knew it was what I was looking for. But it's only now that I felt ready to seriously practice it, and so, I am a total beginner, but an adept learner at Zhan Zhuang and Qi Gong. I have some decent knowledge in theory, and I have good instincts, but I also have a lot of questions and observations from my experience so far, and I'd love to talk about them and discuss them here. I should mention that I am also dabbling in Dao and Acupuncture/Reflexology, and I'm rather good at Graphology. That's because, as I said, if I'm stuck somewhere, I won't waste too much time and hop onto another path. Then when I come back later with a refreshed mind, I might find that I've already overcome the hurdle through another path that gave me the exact answer that I needed.. Anyway, if you are interested, please hit me up!