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    been very bored? don't know if that's the word but, life in general feels unfulfilling, limited is what I call it, it feels like there's not much to do in day to day life. lots of people work to enjoy life but that's not very fun at all. Just feels like there's an end to any path you chose to take in life, I want to do something that wont have a clear outcome, something that wont ever end or be static, basically something that's forever changing, and unpredictable, because this world seems no fun. The things that excite me are the unknown, like what would happen after you die, for example when you die your brain also die's, right? So when this happens all of your experiences and memories you've been creating over the years would all be forgotten almost as if you were never alive to begin with, how would you know if you were ever alive when you die, or what actually happens when you do, its events like these that stump me, sometimes i get the urge to find out, if you really forget everything when you die then whats the point of you existing, are we all really just momentary reactions that occur in the grand scheme of things, if so then whats the point of living if your just going to forget it all, needlessly worrying over the future when you could just end it all, if that whole brain-death theory was real, if there really is a spirit housed in each of us then that would make much more sense, than just living to die. Our universe is supposedly expanding, i sometimes wonder whats over the edge, or if this is just another chain of reactions that's going to come to an end, if so why did it happen in the first place. and how do i leave?