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  1. Are mistakes lucky?

    Hi All I have recently bought a set of Derek Walter Mah Jongg Oracle cards and I have noticed that the card that should say Commence has been misprinted as Commerce. I don't know if this mistake is common or rare for this deck of cards, but I wondered if you think that mistakes and misprints that haven't been noticed are lucky. Like putting your clothes on inside out is supposed to be lucky if you don't notice straight away. Andy, UK
  2. Maybe a lucky charm?

    I don't want to sell it. Just looking for information.
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I wonder if anyone recognizes the picture at the link below? The object is made of porcelain and is about 7cm long. It is hollow and has a sponge inside for perfume? I don't think it is very old and compared to another piece I have it may have been made in Taiwan after the mid 1970s I wonder if the red writing on yellow is imitating (or is actually) a talisman of some sort. Thanks for taking a look at the post Andy
  4. Happy to Join You

    Hi my name is Andy and my profile name 睦蹯 Mufan is a pun on the name of a handsome little cat called Muffin who spent his life with us. I live in the UK and have been interested in Chinese culture and religion since I was young. I collect Chinese porcelain and silver from the 1920s. I have been learning Tai Chi for about 18 months, but that has stalled during the pandemic, so I am still a complete beginner. I try to do Qi Gong exercises every day, either Ba Duan Jin or Yi Jin JIng. I was supposed to learn YJJ with Master Faye Yip last year, but the was cancelled because of Covid-19. I also collect rare or unusual fortune telling cards and have just bought the Mah Jongg cards by Derek Walters. I have been inspired to revisit Daoism by watching the Chinese fantasy TV series 'The Untamed' and I am now reading the English version of the original novel 'Grand-master of Demonic Cultivation'. Although it is fiction and fantasy there are some elements that seem to be traditional and authentic. That is a thumbnail sketch of me and I look forward to sharing your knowledge and ideas.