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  1. The single question of a new one

    I probably would end up with some characters or one that is very flexible/adaptable, as this is a constant to me.The "not being limited to chosing just one thing", not "being just one thing". there a class(or mix of classes) that has melee/brawler/fighter+stealth+magic/spirit? Just asking so I know which ones to check later
  2. The single question of a new one

    I'm already doing some kind of calisthenics and IF, and am already looking to do martial arts so you can be sure that, body-wise, I'm "covered"(I think that's the right english expression).
  3. The single question of a new one

    I might even end up writting about all the clues gathered, just for the fun of it.
  4. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    I would like to request space for me to keep track of my journey on the PPD.
  5. What are the types of methods?

    Much appreciated for the assistance. I have a site where I can find many books regarding the subjects(it's an archive type of site) I intend to study(save the martial arts, as those I prefer to focus on the practice-side only) as well as some people that are(or at least appear to be) knowledgeable in the areas(both chaos-magic and shamanism).
  6. What are the types of methods?

    I like to move, I like to fight(even if I am not fighting against someone, even if it's just shadowboxing). I like to learn, to learn of the ways of thinking and development towards a final goal more than the goal itself. I like the occult/supernatural, the idea of something beyond the regular senses and knowledge. So...I don't know if it's a good idea, but it is what I chose for myself. Since I'm new to this Qi/Ki/Chi(the "practicing side") bussiness I decided to pick the Spring Forest Qigong as it is stated to be one that can be easily learned(or at least it's easier to start in). I also decided that while I do this I will learn both Muay Thai and Kalaripayattu(although this last one will be more of a "learning moves than the entire thing" due to: 1.Not being in India, 2.Not knowing the language and 3.Very few places actually seem to put decent content about it so I have to make do with what I have) as martial arts. Finally, I decided to also learn more about Chaos magic/meta-magic and Shamanism, which seem to be the paths that call me the most.Of course, not forgetting about Taoism/Daoism. I hope to be able to have results to talk about in a few weeks.
  7. What are the types of methods?

    I understood that a person should or could only pick one as to avoid issues between the that right or is there a way for someone to learn more than one?
  8. What are the types of methods?

    I would take a guess that it comes from people's desire to have "the one thing" that will solve all their problems, not unlike how religious people await for a "savior" that will be "the one" to help them instead of them helping themselves.
  9. What are the types of methods?

    Another question(that might not have much to do with my original one, but then again this entire talk has been shifting into other subjects as well): Is it advisable to not work with/on more than one energy system/method/routine/etc? Or is it ok to, for example, pick two that attracted you the most and do/use them? I ask because I do not want to end up putting myself in danger or just wasting time by, say, using opposite systems. Wow, as a beginner I found this very interesting to read. I know there is still much to learn and alot to "walk", but I hope to one day be able to reach a level where I can, at least, understand better these kind of talks.
  10. What are the types of methods?

    Physical, spiritual or both? Because I see talks of both.
  11. What are the types of methods?

    That question(the one you quoted) wasn't about asking advice or guidance, just pure curiosity.
  12. What are the types of methods?

    Does it mean that "seeking powers" is wrong?
  13. What are the types of methods?

    Ah, I guess this one is on me. Maybe I didn't ask properly(possible due to both the difficulty that it is to express certain concepts and thoughts into words, as well as that english isn't my native language). Yes, this kind of definitions are what I was asking about. I have seen that usually people will mention 4 or 5 types of methods(or would it be better to say cathegories?) in this forum as the "main reason/main concept/main objective" of the methods they are speaking about. Just a question though...don't people that seek "enlightment" also tend to be the ones to "seek power"?I'm just curious about it because many tend to associate both things into one single objective.Something like "enlightment brings power and power brings enlightment".
  14. While searching around the forum, I have noticed that this tends to repeat.Whenever people talk about methods they usually specify: healing, martial, spiritual/enlightment and etc.(I forgot the name of some). What are all the labels/types of methods?And I mean the known types or the most seen ones. What is the difference or main aim of each type of method?(i.e. I would get that "healing" is about learning how to heal oneself, no?But what about the rest?).
  15. The single question of a new one

    No well nearby but I try to drink 3~4 liters per day. I also have been doing intermittent fasting since last year's January and already lost almost 10kg.