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  1. So long story short here's a timeline: I go outside on our porch and find a huge stick equivalent to a walking stick behind our green chair. I approach it, and take a looksie. I find that about 50 or so strands of my hair are wrapped around the tip of the stick. I bless the stick only to feel the top of the stick feels electrically charged. My husband who hates this stuff and has never felt this in his life - feels it too. I soak the sick in Holy Water for 24 hours. I check it periodically only to feel that electrical charge at the end of it where my hair was. In the meantime, I develop a pool of blood around my big toe and pointer toe. There is no cut as I inspect. Shortly after, my husband has developed a pool of blood between the same toes, only his has a slight cut. The cut is equivalent to a slight papercut but doesn't warrant the amount of blood seen in between his toes. My husband see's a ball of my dogs moving from across the room against the floor. I think nothing of it until I see the same thing with a different ball. Anyways, there's more but here's the jiist. Can someone tell me what spell was cast? He ended up dying 3 months later after this spell incident in a freak medical sort of way - all his organs shut down even his lungs and he was a non-smoker. In the end it required him to have 4 transplants which we couldn't stop the blood clotting of his stomach to allow for that. I watched my husband die in my arms as I held him from falling and in the meantime he was vomitting blood profusely. It just seems like such an extreme way to die. Later on I found a voodoo doll for him in which "pay cut" was punctured and a boiled alive rat carcass in our closet from his ex-wife. I have since blessed and discarded those items but still wonder about what was placed on him from the beginning....