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  1. Been standing long and wrong

    Thanks to your question, I took a step back, instead of paying attention to the LDT, which may lead to over doing it. I just remain aware of paying attention to the LDT. or one could say trying to pay attention to the awareness of the LDT.
  2. Been standing long and wrong

    Actually, yes. craving is one of the causes. so thanks @sambista2002 For asking, that caused me to take a closer look and formulate this more clearly for myself. although that was not what I wanted to say previously, one could say craving causes the mco, but here the causality chain should be eleborated for the benefit of a clearer understanding, not to fall for the delusion. So I would propose, it goes something like this : Delusion (MCO = increased happiness) causes craving (i want it) craving causes discontent (i dont have it) discontent causes mental action (reevaluation, what to do? how to do?) mental action causes physical action (dilligent and consistent proper practice)
  3. Been standing long and wrong

    Oh yes i tend to be abstruse To have the mco come online, I need to pay attention and sink qi to the ldt area, consistently from time of waking, until falling asleep. in a relaxed manner. Before, I didnt take care of developing a ldt
  4. Been standing long and wrong

    I forgot the question yes the original question was expanded but became irrelevant and embarssing mco online = abandon qigong and switch back to open awareness not paying attention to ldt No craving does not cause the mco to come online. Craving for a certain result was the issue, which caused doubt and dissatisfaction, reevaluation of my practice, I felt stuck. But through signing up here and writing about it, perhaps having a few people listen /read it, there came about a forward movement, like in focusing from gendlin. simple conclusion for me, patient and consistent practice with awareness centered in ldt instead of open awareness typ practice. (I noticed that no worries)
  5. Been standing long and wrong

    Edit: Today's practice session revealed the answers.
  6. Been standing long and wrong

    Thank you RiverSnake, I like fish, but I prefer to learn how to fish. I used to practice Zhineng qigong for years, later mostly just zhan zhuang. Just this week, I am coming back to give qigong a try, starting over like a beginner. My thought process rooted in craving, drives me to practice, I see the attachment to having qigong work out for me at least to get to a stage where one doesnt need to make any effort to practice. if the micro cosmic orbit would come online, I may cross off qigong from my to do list and throw away the list (actually I don't have a list)
  7. Been standing long and wrong

    Hello, Since my college days, I have faith in the benefits of qigong, so I started practicing a lot. Now, 15 years later, it seems I am not able to benefit my own body, only heal others. I stopped martial arts 9 years ago, thinking qigong and meditation is the way to go, anything more than that will waste my time. Now I must admit, that I was much more fit when I did gongfu. I am wondering where did the benefits of qigong go. Although I am very grateful for being able to help others with qi, I feel quite embarrassed for breathing hard when walking up a mountain, and it is obvious to me that I was not successful in my practice. So, there is a lot of great information on this forum, I have been following it, since I started qigong but only now I sign up to discuss some issues, which I haven't come across in any of the discussions, yet.