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  1. What's wrong with mantra meditation?

    Well, you're supposed to keep it secret and say its name only during meditation(most likely to serve as a psychological anchor and get you faster in the meditative state). Let's say the mantra is associated with the root chakra and provides grounding and balance.
  2. What's wrong with mantra meditation?

    Yes, that's right, there was a period when some pretty amazing things happened - like an old, obscure song will suddenly pop in my mind, and if I turned on the radio, the same song was playing, or a certain person, fact or event would come in my mind and then the same thing would appear on TV, on a website, on a billboard, etc...These seem to be more than mere coincidences because they often involved really rare or unusual things, and it got to the point when pretty much every day such a thing would happen, I even stopped paying attention to theses events and just accepted them as a normal part of life, but then they slowly stopped appearing and eventually disappeared. I also "played" a little with a pendulum, after reading that dowsing is one of the easiest psychic abilities to cultivate, and I've got some pretty surprising results from the first time, receiving answers to various questions with an accuracy better than random chance, but then this too disappeared and now my pendulum just moves erratically. How can I get the "magic" back?
  3. I'm talking about methods like transcendental meditation/deep meditation/NSR meditation/etc. - where you repeat a certain mantra or word, over and over in a relaxed, effortless way. Personally I started to meditate after I searched online for methods to diminish stress and anxiety. Meditation was claimed to be very good at this, but I was turned off by a lot of mystical mumbo-jumbo associated with it. After searching left and right, I settled down to NSR(natural stress relief) meditation - a meditation who made no dubious claims and was promoted strictly as a way to release stress and decrease anxiety. After practicing it for a while, not only I experienced a decrease in anxiety, but also some other pretty amazing results that I didn't believe were possible - better intuition, incredible synchronicities, the ability to predict certain things before they happened, etc... After a while however these things stopped, and besides the anxiety relief, the "magic" seems to be gone now, what is the cause of this, I feel there's no progress anymore, some people here are also critical of this type of meditation, what is a better alternative?
  4. Hello

    Hello, I'm Memeito, I'm mostly interested in meditation, I've practiced mantra meditation for some time, but now I feel is the time to explore other methods.