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  1. What are emotions

    In early Buddhism, there is the concept of dependant origination. The main part of it is that a sensation arises in the six senses, followed by a feeling of unpleasant/pleasant, followed by your mind craving that feeling followed by clinging onto it by thoughts. IMO emotions are just a byproduct of your attachments to which you crave/cling.
  2. hey/Hey

    Thanks, I will check out the mudras. I abstain from harsh speech and do metta so expect no problems from me . Bought the flying phoenix volumes 1-5 a few minutes ago and I'm very excited to embark on this journey.
  3. hey/Hey

    Hey guys. I got interested in qigong from looking up Shaolin monk videos. This then interested me in practicing qigong to remove drowsiness from my meditation sessions and increase my healing/longevity. I would also like to gain a deep understanding of the Tao Te Ching and look more into flying phoenix qigong.