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  1. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    From what I understood, all of us in the west have been brainwashed about what sex is and how it is done. Sex seen in porn videos is far from what we are all discovering here. Hence the main focus should be on learning how to deal with the energy which circulates internally and the energy which is generated in the testicles during arousal. Seems like we did not care before to fill the bucket too much and to spill all over. So probably to further understand that humans are first energetic and spiritual beings, then physical beings, we need to un-learn what society has told us. For now, I understood that semen is not just some liquid, so I need to learn how to generate sexual energy in the amount I can handle it without wasting, and by handle I mean use it for me, for my whole body and spirit. If you boil it down eventually, all the techniques talk about how to not to waste sexual energy, some say that you can go near to the point of no return and then do breathing / energetic exercises, others say that you better stay more far away from that point.
  2. Curious to find inner power

    Thank you. I would like to have a wider view of what literature is available. Can you suggest me some names, or books, regarding this subject? I see you know there are many paths here. For now I have only found Karezza which I am studying.
  3. Curious to find inner power

    Hi all. I found this forum looking for info about power lock of Mantak, and then I also found a interesting topic about wisdom of semen retention. What surprised me is the tranquility, the tone of voice of many users here. I like this place where everything can be discussed and nothing is taken as dogma, and people take their take to write long posts of valuable information. Honestly, I do not even know what does Dao Bums mean actually but what I do know is that I have a inner desire to know more about myself, about the not-so-obvious skills that humans have. I am a young man and I naturally realized that there is more out there, I realized that with breathing I do not only absorb oxygen, but control my body. I read many books about self-improvement, lately Mantak Chia books came across my path. I read one of those, and initially his exercises seemed okay, but here on the forum I read that it is better to read something else. Well, here I am to explore and ask questions