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  1. Hello everyone. There exists in the Daoist tradition a theory named the Three Breathes theory (三氣) according to which the creation of all things proceed from three breaths, the mystery (玄), the origin (元) and the principle/beginning (始), which can also be found in the human being on the ontological and physical levels. I am looking for a detailed explanation of this theory, and would like to understand what are mystery, origin and principle, which are respectively symbolized by the black, white and yellow color. Can someone help ? Thank you very much.
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    Hello. It seems that a presentation post is mandatory. I only subscribe in order to find a detailed explanation of a precise metaphysics theory that can be found in untranslated Tao-ist commentaries. I have a general interest in metaphysics, and none when it comes to energetic or well-being stuff. Have a good day.