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  1. golden age?

    Its been said that a pole shift will cause the collapse of civilization. Giving birth to a new age that is the Golden Age where humanity begins to ascend into a higher consciousness. The New Aeon. Do you guys believe in this? A future where all of humanity is entering spiritual truth and harmony and ascending?
  2. Archons and egregores

    Anyone know where i can find authentic information on the archons that control the Matrix and how they operate? Also i remember a cultivator called sonofthegods mentioning that the chakra system in new age thats taught is a false system. Anyone know about that? Thanks
  3. sexual exchange

    What i mean is. If this person has never been into spirituality. But you exchange energy with them. Do they all of a sudden develop the interest? Do they change? I wish i understood exactly how sexual energy exchange works
  4. sexual exchange

    I mean. If sex is an energy exchange. Is it far fetched?
  5. sexual exchange

    I read that sex is a powerful exchange of energy and a cord is attached. If this is true, when you have sex with someone ur basically taking on all the energies of their past partners as well? Maybe its not that literal if the cords of energy are eventually dropped over time if the encounters arent recurring. Hypothetically speaking, if a person is highly advanced on the path of cultivation and has sex with someone not really on their level or doesnt cultivate at all, does this person then develop an interest in spirituality and cultivation and get a "boost" of spiritual power and awareness since they had sex with this spiritually advanced person? How would that work out?
  6. You Can Only Manifest Whats Meant For You

    Are you saying that destiny is malleable? I think whats destined becomes pretty clear. Its why we feel pulled in certain directions as if we really dont have a choice. Like when you know youre destined to separate from someone no matter how desperately you try to save the connection
  7. You Can Only Manifest Whats Meant For You

    I mean. Reality is kind of a simulation if you think about it. It does seem plausible why certain things are destined for others while others not so much. I would like @Infolad1 to chip in since this is his theory
  8. You Can Only Manifest Whats Meant For You

    @Infolad1 is the one that put the idea in my head. And im kind of inclined to agree. Im not saying hes 100% correct but it does make sense to some degree

    Hello fellow daobummers. First off i just wanna say i grew up in the hood with no real education or guidance in learning real knowledge about the world. Politics. History. Why things are the way they are. I am completely clueless, and i cannot stress it enough. I hate the embarassment i feel when im in a group setting and people are discussing history or politics or world knowledge that interlink in different areas and i have no idea what they are talking about because of lack of education and no real guidance or motivation in gaining it. I still live in the hood and i just dont know what books i should start out with. I would greatly appreciate highly informed individuals to give me a list of books that will put me on game in understanding the world, why its the way it is, how things came to be etc. I would be so happy and grateful. Thank you
  10. I remember having a talk with a member called infolad1 i think. He stated that we can only manifest whats meant for us. Basically, the reason why affirming/visualizing or subliminals dont work for people, is because its not something meant for them. That a divine higher mind orchestrates everything in the matrix and we are all built with different character settings in this simulation. So trying to download something thats not meant for you to download is the equivalent of trying to install GTA settings in a Sonic the Hedgehog stage. It just wont work. Basically, the law of attraction works but only relatively, thats why some ppl never manifest despite the countless time theyve invested into mental work. We can only get what is meant for us.
  11. Jing transfer?

    Obviously i know that having sex with a girl that doesnt practice isnt gonna instantly boost her up there. What im suggesting is, because your energy may be advanced, it effects her aura as well and awakens her potential to understand and practice as well because youre having sex with her and shes connected to you
  12. Astrology?

    I watched a video on youtube of a channel called "conscience" and a young boy predicted whats happening in 2020 using vedic astrology
  13. Astrology?

    Is astrology real? Like the astrology that people study mainstream?
  14. Jing transfer?

    They say sex is an exchange of energy and you create soul ties/cords with who you have sex with. So naturally id like to know what others experience. To what degree do you feel this exchange happen. Please do not hold back.