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    Hi to all, I was wondering if anybody here knows some enlightened master to do a online consultation . I have almost all chakras fully open but i still have problems. I´ve been doing energy work but i still have some attachments like masturbating or sex and i dont know if my lower dan tien is damaged, the second chakra area to be more certain. i know that there is pain when you gather both the energy from the ground and the energy from the air in your dan tien and that you start to feel weird sensations but i dont know how to make the distinction if it is damaged or normal. i´ve been somewhat carefull with the 72 hr recovery rule. It says stop all training but what does that mean? i can stop doing heavy breathing on my lower abdomen but i dont know if i can put my awareness there because when i put my awareness on some part of my body my energy goes there and ive also felt uncomfortable sensations every time that i have sex or masturbate and concentrate that area. So it´s real that you shouldn´t practice when having sex or fapping, I know that. My ego on the other hand doesn´t give a fuck. My behavioral patterns are still there. i come from the hindu path but they don´t have any scripture on the lower energy centers. I know that you are going to say that they are different systems but all paths lead to the same place wich is the divine, the nameless, that wich is beyond everything.