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    I also practice Reiki and am interested in other mystic paths (mystic Christianity, Advaitia, esp the Direct Path of Sri Krishna Menon, and Taoism of course!)
  2. newcomer

    Many thanks! I taught breath-based meditation (related to Samatha rather than Vipassana), it has lots of aspects with working with the breath. However, I don't have much to do with the organization that teaches it anymore, as I don't ascribe to Theravada Buddhism anymore and have a more "non-dual" outlook. I also practice a lot of "post standing" and do some basic chi kung! I still teach meditation, but independently.
  3. newcomer

    Hi All, my first post as newcomer, just to say hello. I'v been interested in Taoism for about 20 years and have practiced and taught meditation for many years also. Nice to be here!