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    Ok thank you for the insight. I have one more question. Another member of the dB did some distant energy work and helped relive a lot of pressure, don’t know how long it will last. But I’m grateful it is an amazing feeling. Anyway they said I would be good with heart chakra cultivation. Do you have any system you know or tips if your willing. @thelerner
  2. Hey everyone

    Thx @RiverSnake
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    Thank you for your words. Do you recommend any systems
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    Hey everyone, I’ve been interested in cultivation for some time and finally want to practice. Back when I first got a glimpse of it I tried to start but resources are hard to find. I have worked on Qi visualization and sensations just to the point where I can feel with little focus but haven’t circulated it a lot or practiced and techniques. Recently though I’ve been having pain in my third eye. it’s been opening and closing randomly in the day and while I’m trying to go to sleep. I was hoping for some help and possible basic techniques for foundation, meditation, and body refinement if that’s possible. I don’t really know etiquette when it comes to this stuff. Also, I saw some talk about stages on other post on this forum but they didn’t go into detail just curious. anyway I hope you all have a great day and reply if you have any thoughts -LittleForest
  5. Hey everyone

    Hey guys, I’m new to cultivation. I hope to learn and get different perspectives on this new path.