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  1. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    Oh I will be switching the vids back to private they were only for you to see if you to posted vids............. If you don't know what you are seeing, then there is nothing else to say........
  2. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism if you are capable of that. Y'all really give yourselves more credit then you deserve. Actually I love battle. I haven't been able to fight in many years for I don't want to hurt people. It's kind of a side effect of learning how to actually love people. You actually feel their pain. I guess since y'all are masters you already know that. Silly it is just a sure fire way to get to proof when obviously y'all don't have any..... There is always evdience of mastery..... Aka you can do things that seem impossible for others. Actually of course we all can do these things, they require you to have much more consciousness then you currently have..... Y'all should really stop lying to people. Go find a real teacher and apply your beautiful imagination to reality....... You can't even tell that I am laughing my ass off at you. However what about the people you are deceiving with your fake teachings..... In reality this stuff is not as hard as you think. It's only because you are building fake realities that it is difficult for you (aka inneressence is really your connection to god or the dao) I highly suggest you repent and stop misleading people. You will pay the price when you die if you do not..... Y'all are so naive...... You do realize it is so easy for me to find you if that was my intent..... Ok since you can not do the same and everyone knows you won't be posting any vids just like I said. It is a waste for me to continue this conversation. Please heed my warning things are much different on the otherside. Actually I can't stand to see people in pain it seems to hurt me worse then it does them, do to their numbness. You haven't even realize that is why I am even talking to you.......Do you really think I am foolish enough to think you are going to trust me at face value. Lairs and decievers never trust other people to be honest and truthful.... So you are kind of in a self diluted trap and don't know it. You need to be honest.....if you can't start from that type of space how will you ever truly understand any of this..... It is actually sad to me to see people trapped in their own delusions.........hence why I am even attempting to reach you. However we have reached an impasse..... I have given you obvious proof of what you can not do.... So any thing else is a waste of my time. I really hope you heed my warnings......if you don't know how to actually love people; you are going to attract not so nice things to you. You want to know whats directly on the otherside. Go outside and look at nature... What do you see? It is breath taking beyond measure, right? However look closer and you will start to see death, decay, and destruction....... It is the exact same..... Except like energy attracts.....this is why if you can't control and cultivate your emotions.....well I guess you already know ...Good luck y'all are going to need it....
  3. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    they are live now... so do watch and do post your vids of something....... You don't shed a husk unless you don't know how to cultivate your darkmatter body....... it is called immortality for a reason.... you wouldn't know that, because you can't read about it. My punch demonstrates mastery of this step.... and if not by all means do demonstrate, at least the same. I already know you can't. However let's just meet. Are you a coward and all talk? I can easily show you in person...... I already know your going to say the vids are fake; so let's meet and see who is for real and who is fake as shit......Do you know why Daoist are warriors? Do you even know what is waiting for you on the other side? LMAO Heaven is earned and if you don't earn it through mastering consciousness here; you are in store for some tough lessons. Where are your vids???? why wait for mine???? LMAO Y'all are the most ignorant yet arrogant people I have talked to in a long time. So damn funny
  4. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    Let's do meet. You do realize Daoist settle their difference in battle. Someone did mention smacking my head. So are you serious. I haven't fought for many years, because I can't find anyone worthy to fight. However I do miss it. So if y'all are masters, please let's meet and do battle and let fate decide who is legit and who are fake pretenders. I hope you realize it is so easy for me to tell y'all haven't mastered any of this. vid 1 vid 2 I find it so hilarious fake masters are talking shit to me..... You do realize I am walking as I punch...... do you even realize what that means? How damn hilarious.... please do respond let's meet and have fun. No one wants to fight me would be a blessing for me.....LMAO
  5. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    Hahaha ok ok obviously y'all know way more then me. LMAO I am humbled by all of y'all's immense wisdom and understanding of our universe and beyond. I am definitely open to meeting anyone that wants to share with me their understanding of it. Or why not let's post vids.......after all there should be proof, right? I mean if y'all are masters you should be able to do what little old arrogant me can do, right? I wonder why, I already know it will only be me that's willing to post vids???? Proof is in skill not talking a bunch of nonsense.......y'all are so hilarious.....
  6. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    Yes, you are correct. I am not really into discussing linage and systematic processes that most people haven't got a clue, how to do it. Now, if you want to talk to me about, what you have mastered and your own experiences, then that I am into. Actually that is why I am here. To get feed back on my new discoveries. But, I don't feel like sharing anymore. Just being honest. I am super busy. So I was answering several peoples post, in the same one, so I apologize to my laziness. However, when people are rude and disrespectful; I don't really feel like sharing, what people pay me a shit load to teach them. Have a wonderful night.....
  7. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    Actually you are mistaken about dream and lucidity. You must understand what is happening when you dream. The space itself on the otherside is reactive. It will create what ever you think of and it will develop intentions on it's own. This is a basic quality of space itself. Hence where our dreams come from.... You are on the otherside and don't realize it. The degree you remember, the degree you have control, and so on is directly correlated to the degree of your consciousness. To people talking shit about what I am saying. Do you really think I was taught this??? Have you heard this anywhere else??? Although the southern style is by far the most popular, because of Mr. Chia. No these are my discoveries do to my own experiments and so on. I am actually quoting Mr. Liping on his description of the three immortals. I did say I was ignorant of the system did I not? Good luck......
  8. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    Honestly I am telling you this, because you asked. You don't have to produce are made from have to learn how to cultivate it. The key to immortality is fusing darkenergy with your darkmatter body.... Darkenergy is the same as darkmatter. The difference comes because darkmatter is attached to actual matter. That is the only difference. To make this a little more understandable. Have you ever came out of your body and seen yourself sleeping? Or even have a dream where everything seemed normal like you where awake; until you notice people were ignoring you or you magically float through a door? You are not seeing matter at all. It is total darkmatter. You have moved your consciousness from this side of our reality (aka regular matter) to the otherside (aka darkmatter ) it only looks like regular matter and even feels like it too. Since darkmatter interacts with other darkmatter just as regular matter does..... In reality superstring teory and supersymmetry explain this the best. The energtic double that supersymmetry predicts is darkmatter and is attached to regular matter and occupies the same space but other dimension. The true goal is to reach into deeper dimensions and pull this darkenergy, that has different qualities, depending on the dimension that it is in back to this dimension. All the higher emotions are darkenergy from higher dimensions and hence why they seem so elusive. Ok I think that answers your question. However please send me a private message if you want me to expand. Not to keen on being judged by ignorant people. It's quite hilarious to me, but you can only laugh at someone else's pain so much before it gets quite sad...... I am super close to just deleting my profile and moving on.......I find it hard not to answer a heart felt question and is the only reason I responded. If my wisdom is not valued here, there is no since in me being here.......
  9. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    Ok I understand now, it is a waste of my time to be here. It seems, that I will not get, what I am looking for here. So instead of knocking on a close door; I will look else where, for an open one. I wish everyone luck in your pursuit of the dao, may we all find enlightenment and understanding.
  10. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    No I am referring to Wang Liping. It is his description of the southern and northen daoism differences, that I am referring to. I know for a fact that the southern is like that, because that is my lineage. Since I am ignorant of the Northern I was just accepting Mr. Liping's description of it. That is why I asked the question? I am ignorant to the answer......
  11. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    I find it quite interesting that everyone seems to be an expert, on what I know and what I mean, without even asking me any questions..... That is a skill I would definitely like to aquire......please teach me....I am absolutely amazed...... I will give you a hint, however since everyone seems to be experts here; I definitely don't have to explain. You will know automatically. What an amazing skill y'all have. Jing, chi, qi, prana, shen are all made of what scientists call darkenergy. Of course y'all already know that........I am in awe of your wisdom.
  12. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Oh wow it seems some people have taken offense to what I have said. I apologize it wasn't my intention to offend people. However, I suggest you take a look at yourself. Why would you take offense to what I asked? If someone, asking a question offends you; you defintely got a long ways to go... I would focus on learning to cultivate your emotions and focusing on your inner nature. It is obvious that you are living in false realities, that has to do with your inner essence by the way. What a waist for you.......focus on love.....oh well I might as well stop.....I thought this was a place that was about the Dao......that's why I came here to have conversations about new discoveries I made and to be able to have conversations about it. Yet I get talked down to, by people that are obviously struggling, with understanding themselves and their true nature. Wow I am shock to say the least.
  13. Northern daoism vs Southern daoism

    Ok ok lol I guess this is not the place for me. Yes I know Mr. Chia very well. Good luck in y'alls pursuit........
  14. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Oh I apologize my social skills need polishing up sense I have spent so much time experimenting with this stuff. I realize I ask something with out giving first. That kind of goes against the basic principle of the Dao. I will make it up to you by answering the question about semen retention or sexual cultivation. I would say the most important thing to realise is why you are doing it in the first place, what difficulties you will face, and how to overcome them. 1 why : Of course any good daoist should be aiming for immortality. So most seek to stop the energy leakage, however it can definitely be used for enlightenment, which I explain in the last post. Immortality of course is a much higher level then enlightenment. It's important to know what your goal is, because it's much easier to just stop the lost of energy do to ejaculation. Just don't ejaculate.....I know it sounds like it is silly, but you will understand in a second. If you want to actually master your sexual energy and even achieve enlightment, we have to understand the basic principles. We are getting into two problems faced, but I have to explain to you the energetic and physical mechanics of an orgasm. All energy tends to explode if refined and condense. When this explosion happens it also pushes out in multiple deminsions at the same time. Hence the pleasure you feel is that part of you briefly accessing the higher demsions that are for lack of a better world bliss beyond your understanding. You see this happens, because our awareness is directly connected to our blood. Don't quite know why that is yet, but it is most definitely true. So when you see someone the excits you blood starts to flow toward your sexual organs. The more blood that comes means the more you can feel, which brings more blood, and so on. It creates a feed back loop. When the awareness becomes super concentrated and all your focus is in your sexual center that's when everythings explodes and you have an orgasm. This is why the old advice to think about football or anything to draw your attention away actually works. Of course we want to use this principle not stop it. Most enlightenments happen from these explosions by the doesn't have to be sexual energy or more accurately said energy in your sexual center. And here is the solution. So I will assume your not enlightened (I believe it said this was for beginners) this means you have to use your awareness to actually move your sexual energy. What I mean is you can't feel your whole body at the same time. Moving your awareness will move your energy. So let's say your with a partner. I highly recommend you have a partner. You can get good with single cultivation however dual cultivation makes it easier and much faster. You can focus totally on meditating while your partner stimulates you. I believe I read the actual instructions earlier in someone's answer. So no need for me to repeat it. It was very good instructions. So have that in mind let's go back to your partner stimulating you. And it's getting hard to control the energy. Instead of keeping your awareness in one spot moving it up your spine and down your front, split it up. What I mean is of course hold your awareness in your sexual center. That's not really an issue do to stimulation. Also hold your awareness in your upper dan tein at the same time. At the same time you are moving your awareness up your spine and down the front. This will require you split your consciousness into three spots at the same time. It is almost impossible for you to have an orgasm, because you are stopping the cycle.....remember all your awareness needs to be there for an orgasm to happen. I will warn you.....hahahaha or promise you. The explosion will still happen however it will be your whole body with no semen release. You literally have an whole body orgasm....... If you continue to have multiple fullbody orgasms you can very easily reach enlightenment....... I really hope this helps anyone that is interested again the people that answered the question already explain the mechanics beautifully so I refer you to them. If anyone has any input or questions, I will be happy to listen...........I wish everyone much blessing and have a most wonderful day......
  15. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    I have a question. How many people, that claim to be teachers here, have actually reached enlightenment? I am not implying anything, so please don't take offense. It's a serious question. To clarify what I mean as enlightened is one: you can connect to everything around you and it is not something you have to do; it is as automatic as breathing. Two you can shift your consciousness to the otherside or deminsion with complete consciousness and for long periods of time or you can operate in both this deminsion and the next at the same time......which is what is really happening in the first part? I am just wondering, if my description of enlightenment is the same as yours? With mine this is just the beginning...... I ask because you said for only teachers to answer.....however enlightenment is not a requirement to teach. I am very interested in talking to people at least at this level. My questions are little more complex then answering technique and training questions. Again I know that might sound arrogant, however it is not meant that way. I just want to be clear with my communication. I wish everyone a most wonderful day and may we all uncover what is right in front of us all the time The Dao or God