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  1. The perfect diet

    Though my unheathly relationship with junk food is a process that I am working on, I find that sticking to whole single-ingredient foods for an extended period of time is almost always an excellent choice. Now there is individual variance in all of our bodies and for me personally my body responds well to a lower carbohydrate diet with a lot of emphasis on cultivar vegetables, chicken and beef. Recently I've been experimenting with different types of veggies and switching out beef for seafood like salmon and shrimp. My opinion is to ignore most studies and experiment with foods that improve your energy levels, motility, gut health and sleep. Studies are great for general knowledge but at the end of the day nobody else in the world has your body except you. (If anyone disagrees I would love to have a friendly discussion on this, I love talking about nutrition!)
  2. Recently Discovered Daoism

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I totally understand that feeling, I did so much looking into other practices (such as Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism) and though I have learned a lot through those religions and respect anyone that follow those beliefs, when I discovered Daoism I thought to myself "Woah, I'm not the only one that thinks like this!" My outlook on life has very close connections with Daoism and I never even knew it. I want to be one with the Dao.
  3. Recently Discovered Daoism

    Thank you so much!
  4. Recently Discovered Daoism

    Lately I have been on a "spiritual journey" to find a sense of purpose within this crazy world we live in. I have been researching many religious and spiritual practices but none grabbed me as much as Daoism/Taoism (someone please fill me in on which one is right or if it even matters). With the little knowledge that I've accumulated it seems like I've accidentally lived my whole life as a Daoist. I signed up for this site because I want to learn more about the Dao and the practices (if any) of Daoists. Also I read some of the forums here and it seems pretty chill.