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  1. Daojia & Daojiao

    Great reminder ..
  2. Daojia & Daojiao

    Hi .. new here .. Curious about the community's thoughts on the differences between the philosophical Daoism considered in more in the west, Daojia, and the religious side Daojiao. While the terminology can be debated, at this time do you consider the definitions legitimate and acknowledge the categorizations?
  3. Liezi - Book 1 - Cosmogony

    There is so much in even book 1. Recently gave some consideration to 1.4 while reading about Australia and the natural recovery from the scorched earth fires that country suffered in 2019. From that piece: โ€œWhen the clock ticked over to 2020, Australia was in the grip of a brutal drought and unprecedented bushfires. But in the months since, while many of us were indoors avoiding the pandemic, nature has started its slow recovery. That is the message of our new analysis released today. Our 2019 report documented a disaster year of record heat, drought, and bushfires. We repeated the analysis after the first half of 2020, keen to see how our environment was recovering. Itโ€™s not all good news. But encouragingly, our results show most of the country has started to bounce back from drought and fire.โ€ Reference article is here
  4. Liezi - Chapter Introduction

    This is a great introduction. I am curious about your thoughts, if any, on the Yang Zhu chapter as you've chosen Giles' translation as the working text for Liezi section of the sub-forum. While Giles is my preferred and agree with his interpretation of the controversial chapter, Graham makes his own point of "seeing a connection" in theme to the previous chapters. So my question is what are your personal thoughts about the Yang Zhu chapter, dawei?
  5. New to this forum

    This makes everything all the more better!!
  6. Hi All

    Just a few words to introduce .. I post some in r/Taoism over in Reddit, but the "feed" format there just wasn't the best for discussion. So there's that. ๐Ÿ˜‹โ˜ฏ