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  1. I would guess these are the ones....
  2. Just got reply. Posting it here in case it helps someone else. "Anchoring the breath can help with Taiji though it’s not necessary and the DT in Taiji doesn’t fill in that manner, no"
  3. Did you sign up for any of his online courses or his Internal Arts Academy?
  4. Anchoring the breath - regarding attention

    Can I ask if you are following the free Orbit lesson or have you signed up for the Internal Arts Academy? Thinking about signing up (on the fence)
  5. MCO - 3 Video - Anchoring the breath Would this be advisable to do before learning Tai Chi or doing any Qigong?
  6. Waysun Liao DVD guide.

    Anyone know where I can buy any of the Waysun Liao dvd sets? Seminar on Internal Work – 9 Disc Set Ultimate Internal Power Workshop – 8 Disc Set Chi Flow Series – 7 Disc Set Using Your Center of Power – 5 Disc Set Learn to Connect and Broadcast – 6 Disc Set Advanced Chi Awareness Series – 5 Disc Set How to Develop Chi – 10 Disc Set Or any others Thanks
  7. The Perils of Meditation

    I'll keep going with the Tai Chi (no something I ever want to stop) I'll put it a different way - What could I achieve with meditation.
  8. The Perils of Meditation

    I do some Tai Chi and I want to get a deeper level of relaxation. Heard someone mention something about Neigong meditation being a good match for Tai Chi (CMC - 37 form)
  9. The Perils of Meditation

    Any advice for a complete beginner? Where to start?
  10. Waysun Liao DVD guide.

    Waysun Liao DVD's and lectures are on special offer until the end of January 2021 Enjoy 50% OFF of any video item on Taichitao tv with the following coupon code:ANNIVERSARY Hope this help someone