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  1. Mantras

    Try the following free resources and see if it helps. Mantras Explained - Benefits of Chanting Mantras and the Science Behind It and Nada Yoga: The Science of Sound and For your specific question of quieting the mind I would recommend the following as it sets you up for experiencing causeless joy in the body and mind you have now as long as you keep at it - or if you fall off the wagon you keep getting right back on at every opportunity. and and for quieting the mind - which this kriya will take time but I can personally vouch that it works: and finally so that you can build a strong Ida and Pingala which also helps quiet the mind: Definitely recommend some type of simple joyful physical exercise at least a few minutes a day as well as stretching a few minutes a day if you don't already do so. Eventually simple stretches can be developed into their own specialized discipline alongside Qigong/Neigong or Yoga. The traditional Chinese fascia discipline is Jibengong and the traditional Yoga/Tantric equivalent is Angamardana. See: Angamardana – Mastering Your Limbs One of many reasons for Jibengong/Angamardana can be read in the following: Issuing Power into the Physical: The Role of Connective Tissue Best wishes
  2. Hello

    Wanted to say hi to the board. I'm currently a fan of Master Nan Huai-Chin and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. My daily routine is mostly Upa Yoga these days but recently I've done name chanting as well. Upa Yoga is for the physical component that I was missing with the name chanting.