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  1. Inner smile practice: Problem of authenticity

    El Tortugo said "inner organ smile practice is a small part of the Small Heavenly Cycle" Dear El Tortugo, have you seen this in any book? A part of a book describing the Small Heavenly Cycle practice which also contain the inner smile practice as a part of it. I'll be very happy if you can give me a reference. Just the name of the book is enough, if you don't remember the details like chapter, page, and so on.
  2. Dear all, Most of you heard of the "inner smile" practice, popularized in the West by Mantak Chia. I've been through a few thousands of English books on Taoism, esp. books on practice, but somehow never seen the Chinese term for this practice. I also don't remember seeing this practice in any book other than Chia's books. Please don't get me wrong, I'm NOT saying that this practice is inauthentic. Just wondering why I can't find the original CHINESE TERM for this practice. I can read Chinese, so if you know the term and can write the Chin. chars, I'll appreciate it.
  3. Not really new but...

    Hi everyone. I'm an old member actually but somehow my account is gone. I opened a new account today.