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  1. Kundalini equivalent in Daoism?

    Thank you so much. Today has been very humbling for me as I have spent hours on tdb finally finding answers to some of my challenges. M. Chia leaves out very important elements in his books imo. But I am the one who followed so I must take responsibility. In regards to this thread those Damo videos speak of a crucial first step that I missed. Now when I go to sit down and meditate in even a basic way. My head starts sweating. Also I sometimes can sense that 'deeper qi' move up and I can only weakly push it down. And of course it does not stay (as force is not wu wei, can't believe I missed that). And today I learn that the ldt needs to be developed. So of course energy won't stay there. I have stopped all energy work. Should I try to practice these Damo videos or is there something even simpler I need to do first? And yes I am actively looking for a local teacher and will be setting down the Chia books.
  2. Thank You

    Hi, my name is Casey. I've been utilizing tdb for years and finally have decided to participate more actively. I have been going through some insanity, mixed w blessed love for the moment, mixed w months of depression over the past few years. It has and it continues to be a wild ride. Lots of introspection, playing w the dog, being helpful around the house, various meditations and physical yoga. Also, a bit of internal chaos. It used to be (with much carryover to present experience) that much of my challenges are the same as another user who posted in Nov 18 who feels blockages in the throat with what some call kundalini syndrome. The description of being super yin resonates to a tee. That's super helpful. Also ive noticed cycling the mco can overstimulate my thoughts, does that happen to others. Only recently have I put my attention on tan town after meditation. I've been searching for a teacher for years, the books are mostly where I find guidance. I will continue to peruse the forums and interact when need be. Thank you for being you whoever you are