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  1. Hello! I've been involved in quite intense practice of spirituality aiming towards nondual realization for the last couple of years (meditation, trying to maintain "witness consciousness" as much as possible etc). On this path, I also stumbled on repressed emotions, energetic blockages, bodily contractions etc, and am currently experiencing quite intense and "restless" energy my body most of the time. For these reasons, I've also gotten involved in both different kinds of psychological work, as well as energy work. The energy work part of this path is primarily why I'm here. I've done different kinds of energy work (e.g. tai chi, reiki, different forms of qi gong) in the past, and in general not had much benefit or even effect from most of them. Quite recently I did some kundalini yoga (mostly Sat Kriya daily), and at least this seemed to have a bit more effect than most of the others. One of the possible effects was that I seemed to develop a back pain. Eventually I felt that that probably wasn't the ideal practice for me, perhaps too forceful or otherwise not the best fit currently. I stumbled upon a criticism of kundalini yoga from a qi gong perspective, where it was claimed that K.Y. focuses too much on raising the energy, whereas including also downwards movement would be beneficial to many, as is the case with most qi gong, e.g. with the "microcosmic orbit". This felt intuitively like it might be useful for me, so I started to look into qi gong again a bit more. After random connections, I ended up finding a thread here that recommended Flying Phoenix qi gong, and then got the first DVDs. So, long story short, I've now started practicing the Flying Phoenix qi gong from the first DVD as a kind of supplemental / adjunct part of my general nonduality path. The DVD leaves some things unclear (e.g. what kind of short daily practice routine would be recommended for 10-20 min per day), so first thing I want to do is to start reading the apparently massive thread (which I saw mentioned at TaichiMania website) at: http://www.thedaobums.com/topic/12639-flying-phoenix-chi-kung/?hl= flying phoenix chi kung Probably in the beginning I won't be posting very much, as I assume that most of my questions have probably already been asked and answered in that thread...