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  1. Good to meet you. My husband and I like to practice and learn about cultivation. The value of this community to us is it will helps us to take our practices to another level. Currently, I am focusing on Yan con qigong. I read the book a lot last year, we discussed it at home, however, I would like it to be more of a practice. Chinese medicine and metaphysics, both qigong and Taoism, Has a deep relationship with learning and helping one another. I know that personally and professionally I can be better as I continue to learn from others. since I do not have formal teachers—I had training in medical qigong in 2009, though it opened my third eye up and I had been doing my best to clear my energy field since. During that time in 09 I had been malnourished, depressed, angry, hurt, when qigong training began. Then it spurred on insomnia, being interactions, very vivid dreaming, and as I continued eventually thyroid deficiency, to now fertility issues. I had been seeking a practice, since through various teachers however, I may like to stick with Yan Xin. As I really connect to what he says, and feel I am elevated in Qi from learning. We are attempting to get Pregnant this year and could use healing I apply lots of mind-body-spirit wellness from many fields to bring my body to balance. I felt like after 10 ish years I was able to take more control in my dream states by learning some about dream yoga with tenzin rinopche. I am moving in a positive direction though would like support my personal health, family, and business life to an even greater degree. finally, I may be at a good point to start training and more seriously. glad to be here!