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  1. Taoist Meditation and Nei-Gong Course - Free Right Now

    Hi Waterdrop, From my experience, it should not be a problem to do both. My teacher Master Kim recommends Damo's books to his students as reference material because they are very good, and I have incorporated some of Damo's practices into my own training without any issues. Of course, each system has it's own individual characteristics and variations in approach, but they aren't different in essence. Good luck!
  2. Taoist Meditation and Nei-Gong Course - Free Right Now

    We've had a lot of people off this forum sign up and reach out to our School that they are taking the course. This was meant to be a short term thing, but as COVID has continued to be an issue and impact people's finances, the 3 free months has been extended, so if anyone else wants to take the course, it's still available.
  3. Hi all! I study with a Taoist Master in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has an online video course covering the entire Nei-Gong System he inherited, and because many people are suffering right now with everything going on or stuck in their homes without anything meaningful to do, he made it available free for the next 3 months for anyone who could benefit from it. It's quite extensive and covers everything in a really easy to follow step by step manner from the beginning to the most advanced practices that would not normally be taught in public, and I have found it indescribably transformative for my own practice, so I wanted to share it with all of you in case anyone else could benefit from this kind of thing right now in the way I have. Here is the link for the 3 free months membership Hope this may be of benefit to someone!
  4. Hello all!

    Hi everyone! I practice Taoist arts with a Master in Ann Arbor, Michigan, such as Tai-Chi, Qigong, Nei-Gong, etc. Great to be part of this community!