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  1. Theosis: Becoming Like God

    In Ancient Greek times people were not individuals, they had a place in the body polis through their family obligations. Consider also that all local gods were incorporated into the monist religions as demons and angels or forgotten. Using active imagination, one can connect to these imaginal beings that are as real as material forms if one can learn to focus their conscious state.
  2. The Apocalypse

    What more info would you like? The main point was that you must put yourself into a state of consciousness to know what is meant here.
  3. The Apocalypse

    Tomberg’s commentary on the Apocalypse. This is how he suggests reading it:
  4. Ever heard of the portals
  5. Thoughts on Magick

    “That all is as thinking makes it so – and you control your thinking. So remove your judgements whenever you wish and then there is calm - as the sailor rounding the cape finds smooth water and the welcome of a waveless bay.”
  6. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    I have made a goblet of my enemies skull. I like the taste of my espresso when I drink out of his eye socket.
  7. Tarot as Mirror

    I have deep experience using Tarot as a mirror. If any would like to have no bullshit discussions of such, please share. I met a Tarot Master once in Berkley, truly one of the most beautiful souls I ever met. I ended up connected to him for years. We shared many interesting synchronicities and discussions and I think never talked abut Tarot There you go.
  8. the poet drinks by moonlight

  9. the poet drinks by moonlight

    with the grey ghosts with red eyes until he pukes he spits and cusses at the birds he pisses anywhere he feels to leak he kicks down doors seeking the face of his god denying his existence with venomous word and dead thought he shoots for the stars anywhere he can find a vein he wastes away in a green haze you seen god he’s the flasher on the corner the priest who is waiting the killer stalking prey the deer shot in the heart what fool would chase his own ass the donkey wants the carrot not until he stops does it swing his way then a bus hits him one day the poetic bum fell down hard laying there in the grass a child sang a song a flower bloomed dogs barked and for once the poet truly saw through bloodshot eyes and a bitchin headache how much he hated life how much he hated that song when would it all stop this is the best it gets the way is no way when you try to leave you always arrive again the poet drinks by moonlight and always ends up where he last felt his heart beat
  10. What problem?

    From the great Captain Jack Sparrow... “The problem is not the problem. Your problem is your attitude toward the problem.”
  11. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    Well, we both probably shit. We prob both eat and drink random things. We prob both breathe. That’s a good start.
  12. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    I just joined the bums here. I know this game. It seems every board has people who just love to troll. It is fun. Intoxicating sometimes. I did it for awhile. Children will play. You shit sticks are funny.
  13. Will there be a big crash / how deep / recovery time?

    The Pandemic isn’t going away, it will likely be 1-3 years until it passes based on research from reputable scientists. Vaccine is going to take a bit to ramp up. When the US opens back up, look for another big surge. Don’t believe any news. I think I may need to buy a Corona Fu from Jee Sifu, bahahaha, love that mad goat.
  14. Albert Camus Quotes

    The Myth of Sisyphus The Plague The Fall I just read these. The Plague is very interesting. I would recommend reading the Myth of Sisyphus last...or not.
  15. Howdy

    I’m just a dude pulling up to the bar for a sarsaparilla. Howdy