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  1. need help

    Friends, Need your help! I am working on exploring a Business idea to connect people who are increasingly interacting online to meet in person. http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e53kojx8gtxkq1cr/start Thanks
  2. Kundalini Yoga

    I dont practice Kundalini Yoga even though I belong to Sikh faith and have friends that do. It definitely is a system that works. I also recommend Music by some singers that come from YB tradition. 2 of them have wonderful music that touches my heart and takes me into higher places, goes well with Kunlun as well. First one is SatKirin Kaur Khalsa - check http://www.satkirin.com/ Second: http://www.snatamkaur.com/
  3. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    I have seen Avatar many times, and every time i catch something new. They have lot of jewels hidden in the movie, like everything in life, if we are open every situation can teach us. for me the key is not to practice from mind but from heart. Each single time is different - practice with a pure and open heart and deep wisdom guides the movements.
  4. I have started meeting and practicing in NYC. Please join http://www.meetup.com/meetandgrow to be notified of date/times for NY and NJ meetings. I will also be holding a Kunlun workshop in NYC on Oct 3rd Details on http://kunlun-tao.com/kunlun-seminars-events/
  5. I am looking to connect with any one interested in meeting and practicing in NYC. I would like input on which day may work best to start a bi-weekly group.
  6. Sifu Jenny is in NYC/NJ

    Some people have asked me about cost. There is an option on http://bodhivastu.com to setup a payment plan. All proceeds are going to the bodhivastu project and please make the payment directly. Hope to see and meet some of TaoBums tomorrow.
  7. Sifu Jenny is in NYC/NJ

    Sorry I didnt, we met last friday and yesterday wednesday in NYC. This friday is Morristown NJ - its right next to train station - train from NYC Penn Station.
  8. Friends, Just a reminder that Sifu Jenny is NJ. We had 2 meetings in NYC. There is a lecture this coming friday Jun 11th and seminar on 12&13th. you can find details in Upcoming evens here: http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?/topic/2336-upcoming-events/page__st__80 She is dedicating all proceeds from lecture and seminar to the World Peace project. Please take a moment to read below and donate what ever you can, Even if $10. From little that I have learned, all practices ultimately are letting go. Generosity or sharing is one way to practice. We donate or spend money on things that make us feel happy. We disregard or pass what we dont believe in. In a way that behavior limits us to small space. Ultimately all causes, all people are one. may our hearts and gates open to give us a taste of non duality. My best for everyone's journey.... _____________________________ From her email: "I am inviting you all to join me to walk together on the path toward world peace. Supporting the Bodhivastu Stupa project is a good way to start. The reason I'm supporting this project is not because the stupa will be a significant monument that symbolizes world peace, nor because it is going to be built in the United States, nor because of who is leading the project, nor to fulfill any prophecy, but simply because building world peace has to start within. Our effort is not aimed at donating some money in order to complete the outer form, claim a name for ourselves, establish a wealthy return, or plant a seed of good Karma for future life, but to merely attempt to undertake our journey in building this stupa within. How can we do that? By starting to change ourselves in action. Of the Buddha's teaching of six perfections, generosity is the first (the rest are morality, patience, effort, meditation, and wisdom). Let us shape the world by shaping ourselves into selfless people. Reducing self-concern helps to open up one's heart to others. It brings loving-kindness, compassion and accepting others into existence. This is a true path for working on world peace. Creating a loving and fearless world benefits humanity, benefits you and me who are living in it. It is not the result of the project that matters. The form itself has less meaning. It is the selfless action that evokes true humanity, which creates world peace and happiness. When people have unselfish reasons, it effects lots of people. If only $10 was given from each person and there are millions of people contributing, you would have millions of people changing their thoughts and actions. That would make a tremendous difference. Spontaneous Adjustment Qigong is the first level of Yigong. It is one of the highest Taoist Maoshan esoteric practices. It is spontaneous, formless and supports the spiritual development of one’s great potential. The 1-1/2 hour lecture on Friday will impart a deep understanding of subtle body dynamics drawing upon Chinese cosmology, medicine and philosophy. The two day seminar on Saturday and Sunday consists of guided experiential exercises combined with spontaneous movement techniques, tapping qigong, acupoint opening and relaxation. Benefits: • Detoxify • Improve blood circulation and release blockages • Increase energy and Increase Immunity • Develop balance, awareness and intuition • Restore vitality and enhance • Promote longevity and general well-being" RSVP: http://www.easterninternalarts.com/
  9. Friends I happen to with Sifu Jenny, and she has me to put the below link of her group on Facebook. If any one wishes to join or have questions, you may ask on discussion there: Sifu Jenny - Eastern Internal Arts Institute Her new website with some previously asked Q/A: http://easterninternalarts.com/
  10. Five Elements Vegetable Soup

    I checked with Sifu for you: No broth or base - the vegetables will make the broth. No proteins or other vegetables - this is formula for the soup, so all needed combination are already there. Anything you wish to take can be extra on the side.
  11. There is no self

    May this help! Everything we can come up with its not.... Who Am I? The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi My best for all us to have a direct experience.... away from debates & discussions... Be well!
  12. "The wise one hears of the Tao and practices it diligently. The average student hears of the Tao and gives it thought every now and then. The foolish student hears of the Tao and laughs aloud. If there were no laughter the Tao would not be what it is. Hence it is said: The bright path seems dim. Going forward seems like retreat; The easy way seems hard: The highest Virtue seems empty; Great purity seems sullied; A wealth of Virtue seems inadequate; The strength of Virtue seems frail: Real Virtue seems unreal; The perfect square has no corners: Great talents ripen late; The highest notes are hard to hear: The greatest form has no shape: The Tao is hidden and without name. The Tao alone nourishes and brings everything to fulfillment." TAO TE CHEN
  13. Why I am against 'powers'

    My personal opinion: Expectation of Powers (Sidhis) are an obstacle and goal or gaining powers and using them a hindrance to go further. We should inquire about our goals or aspirations of our practice. Is it power or liberation/enlightenment? If liberation.... then on the way Powers will come.... a zen teacher would say dont attach yourself to them... Power without wisdom - there are many stories to teach us on this. I will find a Indian one that sticks with me. A ascetic was meditating in forest and a bird came along and by her chirping was bothering the hermit. He got angry and said... you bird go away or die... and that moment the bird fell to ground and died. Meanwhile read a Taoist one: "What benefit is Power without wisdom" read the story on Sifu Jenny FaceBoook Page
  14. I just finished a retreat with Sifu Jenny and there were many recipes and teaching on food. I would like to share one of them: Five Elements Vegetable Soup Also read more of her posts on Facebook: Sifu Jenny Group "Five-Element Diet was invented by Dr. Tateishi Kazu, an expert in cytology in Japan. He first suffered from cancer of the duodenum and spreading. Although his stomach was removed, the cancer cells already had spread to his lungs. To fight for his life, he researched, studied, and tested over 1,500 types of herbs and plants. Finally, he discovered the right combination of ingredients and formulated a unique healing soup—Five-Element Vegetable Soup—with its own molecular powers. Align Five-Element Diet With Your Body In fact, this soup is based on the principle of Chinese Five Elements, the harmonizing balance of the forces “Yin” (the energy being accumulated, assimilated and stored for later use) and “Yang” (the energy being expended in order to create a manifest action), supplemented by the theory of acid and alkaline diet. In short, balance is the key to health as opposed to the imbalance that leads to illnesses. The theory of Five Elements has long existed in China. It suggests that foods, seasons, human organs, and state of minds all connect with each other. To elaborate, the Five Elements in our environment (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) correspond to different aspects of the natural world and the body. For instance, wood corresponds to spring and wind in the natural world and to the liver, gall bladder, eyes, and tendons in the body. And for foods, bitter taste corresponds to heart, sourness corresponds to livers, sweetness corresponds to stomach and spleen, saltiness corresponds to kidneys and bladder. We need to adjust and balance their intake subject to our body conditions to retain healthy. The specific vegetables that Dr. Kazu used are based on the individual color essence of the five elements: daikon/radish of white (metal), daikon/radish leaves of green (wood), dried black mushroom of black (water), carrot of red (fire), and burdock of yellow (earth), which also relate to the corresponding internal organs: lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, and spleen. All in a natural form, these vegetables are rich in amino acids, calcium, chlorophyll, iron, and phosphorous. After all, plants grow in an active and vibrant environment in a balanced soil, which make them an excellent source of health supplements and even natural remedies for diseases." Source: http://www.chinesefoodhealth.com/tag/five-element-vegetable-soup/