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  1. This took me a while to read over lol. Thank you so much, this was very helpful! I’ve been reading Thomas Cleary’s translation and it’s a lot to absorb!
  2. Hey y’all! I recently read The Secret of the Golden Flower translated by Thomas Cleary. I started meditating a few days ago and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with this method. Actually, any meditation advice is welcome lol. So far I’ve just been trying to focus on deep abdominal breathing, letting go of thoughts that arise during meditation, and listening to the ringing in my ears. What sort of texts or practices do y’all use to meditate? Thanks!
  3. Looking for any Taoists in my area for meetups, discussion, etc. I love about an hour east of Charlotte NC, and haven’t been able to find anyone local.
  4. Hello!

    Hello everyone! I’m a stay at home dad of 3 young children, and have had a very difficult time finding anything local in regards to Taoist community. We live in a very conservative town about an hour outside of Charlotte, NC. As a former Christian (of the Mormon variety) and now a self-professed Taoist, I have been, for all intents and purposes, shunned by the other families as pagan/cultist/etc. The few Mormon friends I have left look at me as an apostate that has lost the way, and feel an insatiable desire to ‘bring me back into the fold’. The other christians here see the ‘cultish’ background of Mormonism and my new ‘pagan’ belief system which they don’t want to associate, and I’ve even heard the word ‘heathen’ used lol. I claim to be no sage, just a lay student of the Tao. For years I have looked for others to have some sort of community to share ideas, gain wisdom and social support. Most of these communities seem to be based out of major cities, and Charlotte is a long way to take my young family on a regular basis. I accepted long ago that this path is a lonely journey, just as indicated in the Tao Te Ching. However it is very difficult watching my children suffer the social consequences of my religious/philosophical beliefs. I have searched our town for Buddhist groups as well, rationalizing that we would share many more similarities such as meditation practices etc., to no avail. In my ignorance, I assumed that there would be something along those lines due to the large population of Hmong's that live here. I take my kids to a Presbyterian USA church that is half a block from my home on Wednesday’s simply for the social aspect, and of doing good in the community. The pastor there knows of my beliefs, however he is ironically the only person there that I can talk to without them literally cringing at my very beliefs. My first grader has ADHD, and we had to start homeschooling him last year for various reasons, none of which were religious. It’s incredibly isolating for us both. Yesterday, I turned to reddit for advice, and a fellow redditor linked me this site. It seems fate has a way of bringing like minded souls together after all, maybe just not in the time or place we seek it. Thank you for your acceptance of us into your community!