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  1. Canna Bums

    Probably the strain called 'Hash Plant', cultivated in the Emerald Triangle, California.
  2. John Chang - Jesus

    You know what is going to happen in 8 months? Life will be much more normal then it is now, that's one. So much for your explanations about why your 'prophecies' and fear mongering, never happened. I bet if the date for the nuclear explosion you set out hadn't expired, you most likely would be all raging saying we only have 1 year left. With all your 'good heart' nonsense. That you sent money to people, or whatever, has nothing to do with this. In fact, I dare to say you most probably aggrivated mental problems in just about everybody who contacted you for help. As a highly spiritual shaman and self proclaimed holy man (at the senior age of being in your 70's), Authority of Daoism, under the guidance by Lao Tzu himself, you Flowing Hands, maybe you can share the essence of this saying: "At Peace with Yourself, at Peace with the World"
  3. John Chang - Jesus

    Trolling? What I said was real and facts. Why don't you answer a simple fact and question, before going all in defense? I don't follow you around; I just find it very annoying that some people act all 'holy', (like you say yourself; you are a holy man) ; and after years it comes down to alot of lies and nonsense. I have a problem yes, with people like you who give out 'help' to people here on the forum (with your amulets), while it really shows that you are very likely a big con-man, or just completely mentally disturbed. I felt kinda bad yesterday, after writing the post, yes. I do think a certain standard should be met, and it's pretty obvious you say some very weird stuff. Do I want to give you grief? No, that's ridiculous. Also, claiming a lineage to Lao Tzu, 'aiding' people with your help; and all your 'advice' about alot of things, with all due respect, if you say complete opposite things, or straight out lies, I think it's only normal someone speaks out. If I have 3 or 300 posts, doesn't make a difference. Anyways, why not adress the question I asked, wich is in line with this topic and your post (no mere trolling), and I'll leave you alone.
  4. John Chang - Jesus

    I made a post on your thread about climate change last week; about you claiming in the past that a nuclear attack would happen on a major European city. It never happened. I took that post away because I didn't want to dig up old stuff. Yet here you are talking: "we don't even know whether Jesus existed or what is written about what he said, is true and Daoism". I've been reading this forum for a long time; and you sir, have said in the past that you had actual conversations with Jezus himself. Just like you said Lao Tzu told you about the nuclear terror attack. Care to explain?
  5. Spontaneous Qigong (Zifa Gong) 自发功

    I was a student for over 10 years from Sifu Wong, and SW. I remember you David, we never met, but I saw you on the forum back in the day I experienced alot of crazyness, and basically took a huge step back from the school. However, regardless of what some people say and claim about SW and Sifu Wong; the material works. It is a great way of experiencing 'chi' ; the way Sifu Wong transmits his kungfu is also extremely efficient. From zero experience to being able to play with whatever object and turn it into a weapon; to almost having a complete library of responses during combat. I was able to keep my mind fully still after just one regional course. Even just for some seconds at the beginning; the fact I could experience stillness just for that time, was already remarkable and worth the money of the course.
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