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  1. It's not Cheese, it's a Swiss

    Hello everybody and every body, After getting past a first bad pun I simply wanted to introduce myself as somebody who stumbled over this forum very much by accident but is to the same degree very much relief it happened. As cheesy as it sounds, it is just swiss humour (another bad one….). My background of the last decade so far has been mostly rooted in ritualistic oriented Chaosmagic from where I found my way to the runes and studies geared mostly towards Asatru (a while living in Sweden might have had something to do with that). For the past 2 years though I found myself becoming less and less inactive in the practical aspects of my studies, due to a big part because of a waning inspiration. After having a look around here I think I might have found something which might rekindle that spark and so I here I am saying hello: Hello. I am looking forward to reading and sharing in this forum, especially some of the reading suggestions will make their way very quickly into my book haul. It is probably also time to dust of my The Art of War again. Swiss regards Zhekef