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  1. 3 am

    Hello, I've heard many time that you shouldnt astral project, open your third eye/kundalini etc. between 2 am and 3 am. Whats up with that? Is it just a myth?
  2. Personal introspection

    Hi folks, based on the the second hermetic principle of Correspondence the macrocosm is contained within the microcosm and therefore all it's knowledge too. So within everybody of us is every secret of the universe, just not that clear. My question: How do you or how could I obtain that knowledge? Do you have any practicing methods for personal introspection? If yes, please share them Prerequisites: - Im open mindes (but not naive) - Try to stay healthy (dont consume flouride, try to avoid metals/pollutions, was vegan for some time, am doing sports) - I will start meditating soon - Never took psychedelics, idk if I should start with DMT or similar (any suggestions about that?) - Have an higher-than-average consciousness
  3. Hello World

    Hope to boarden my (and maybe others :D) consciousness. PM me if you have any questions.