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  1. Mote here, trying again

    Hello. I already posted in the Newcomer's Corner? I think? Just trying to get approved so I can participate. My interests lie in: yoga, kara-te, magick, and medical qi gong. Also epic literature such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Journey to the West. ALSO: I would like to amend/edit/delete my earlier post in the Newcomer's Corner, as I do not wish to dox myself. Thank you. Mote
  2. Mote here

    Hi, I'm Mote. I'm embarking on a trial run of Damo Mitchell's work, beginning with foundational stuff and on into alchemy. Currently I'm engaging in the 100-day "Virgin Boy" training and taking things pretty slow. Guess I've been a seeker all my life but outright spiritual for maybe 10 years or so. I have teachers in other modalities. I've been reading Journey to the West and have had some fun "decoding" some of the esoteric stuff there, as I enjoy doing with Mahabharata, Ramayana, into even the Lotus Sutra (e.g. the burning house and the three carts: daoist practice). Ummm...kinda hard to sum anything up regarding my journey. Quite eclectic, but that was how I was told it would go; ETs, shamanic power animals, ancestral spiritual lineage, all sorts of stuff...but so far I've ignored this stuff (as I've mostly worked either through a teacher/shaman for info and have received many dreams and some visions) and have resisted everything every step, though of course doing enough in order to take the next one. Basically, though I have many cool stories and understandings, I've decided to start over , take things much slower, beginning with the virgin boy series and establishing the lower dan tien. One could call this body o' mine disabled at this point. Though the body's been rebuilding itself it seems across the past few months, though this process started years ago. Releases come much more often now, sometimes several a minute. It's like my posture is finally righting itself before it hits 40. I'm happy that the shoulder blades and neck area are at last beginning to open and shift--how much pain I stood with constantly my whole life and didn't notice! Mundane stuff: I was a US Army infantry officer and Iraq combat vet, academy grad, other grad schools, and traditional karate training in Shito-Ryu. I've of late reincorporated kata into the mix.