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  1. In terms of the years of my life , I am a very new student of the Dao. One of the most fascinating realizations, to studying under great teachers and working my way through the many Taoist texts, is to realize that my core value system , is very much in line with the teachings of a balanced Daoist lifestyle. I’ve spent most of my life trying to understand why my core values were in opposition, to the most popular social and spiritual practices of my community, country and world. It is powerfully confirming and refreshing , to see that the voice in my head , is whispering ancient directives from the distant past. It is very clear to me, that we have an opportunity to link heaven and earth, and that this line of practice and thought seems to allow for the greatest degree of understanding , of what the term , linking heaven and earth means. Because I am an amateur scientist, A caregiver, a builder, an artist, a husband, an adult, and a bit of a child, I feel and hear the wisdom in Our ancient teachers, Teachings. I truly think it is necessary to practice your forms, in conjunction with your standings forms and your Seated meditations. I find it deeply satisfying to listen and read the ancient Taoist texts. I have spent most of my life listening to the deep convictions of the many practices , of the modern religions and have wondered how they could , so completely feel such a deep sense of comfort and clarity from these teachings and traditions. Upon this deep exploration of Taoism , I myself , am finally finding a philosophy, practice And idealism , that sits very comfortably within my inner knowing. I have heard my teachers say “you cannot be a Taoist”. Because what you say the Dao is , it is not! But I think there can be a tiny droplet of experience within the search for this “ way “. For that, I’m grateful that these traditions have existed and continue to be available to us, translated and read aloud and that we live in a world where we can fill our day , our mind and our intention with the values that led us in the past and can sustain us in the present and hopefully make us more beneficial to the world and the universe , in the future. Tado