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  1. Daily Acupuncture?

    Thank you. I'm seeing an acupuncturist right now, I have been doing every 2 days. So far I'm feeling well, but only had 3 sessions so far, waiting to get to the 10 session mark before expecting major changes.
  2. Daily Acupuncture?

    Does anyone know if it is ok to get daily acupuncture for a period of a week or even 1-3 months when dealing with a brand new patient (me) who has fairly moderate imbalances (possibly even Gu Syndrome). As a means of 'kick-starting' the healing process.
  3. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    I just saw this posted on John Dolic's website, him addressing the disapearance of Master Tian:
  4. what are some good sources to get a legit accurate reading for things such as this?
  5. thanks very much, Silent Thunder. that looks really promising, sounds amazing that you were healed from such afflictions. thanks for the empathy!
  6. Its funny you mentioned that, I recently purchased his fragrant qigong level 1 dvd, (got it in the mail the other day). I haven't watched it yet, but I have been second guessing myself if I should have bought the 8 silk brocade dvd (or try and find a teacher to learn it in person, but obviously I would have no idea of their level of skill as a qigong teacher). mostly second guessing myself because of all the rules Do you think that I should just do the fragrant qigong? ( I am so indecisive) I am basically looking for whatever qigong is best for digestion (since I have been utterly destroying my digestion by restrictive eating and then massive binge eating which just makes it so much worse, like I said I actually ended up in the hospital last month because I filled my stomach so much that It could not empty itself and I needed it drained to empty it, and ever since then my digestion has been even worse Also as for john Dolic. So he actually does to CCM/TCM Treatments? If so, that would be great because I think interstate travel will be opened up shortly. ( I see he does offer in person qigong lessons, but I am referring to actual clinical therapy) Sorry, I'm a bit all over the place right now
  7. ah ok, that is interesting and sounds right up my alley. I will look into that. As long as it can be learned online for beginners then that is good as I live in Australia (as much as I want to travel to learn, the covid19 has changed things, I wish I got onto this sooner instead of procrastinating and now am much worse). Thank you again for the advice!
  8. thanks Virtue! I think I will look into the distance healing option right now (since I can't travel anyways due to covid19). If anybody still knows of any other healing clinics (again, either qigong healing such as Michael Lomax, or a really knowledgeable word class TCM practitioner) please let me know!
  9. Hello, I am asking this here (on daobums) because I notice that there are many members who seem to have deep connections to highly advanced practitioners in qigong, tcm, and other ancient sciences etc. Ok, I REALLY need to find someone/place that can either (or both) offer word class Traditional/Classical/Canonical Chinese Medicine (NOT your standard government accredited acupuncturist) or is able to use legitimate Healing powers (eg, High Level Qigong Master) who can help me with my health issues. I am willing to go to anywhere in the world and literally spend every cent of money I have to get this done (coronavirus permitting obviously). I just don't know where to find these types of places, because google searching is NOT the reliant way to find these authentic places. I don't want to go too into detail (not because i'm a snob, it just that I could easily write a novel long woe is me post) but I am having severe problems with binge eating to the point where I don't think I will even live to 40 (i'm 25) if I continue this way, so obviously I am having all the related problems that come with binge eating (digestive, mental, etc) (a month ago I literally got admitted to the hospital because I ate so much and almost needed surgery. even THAT was not enough for me to go longer than a week of changing my habits) Basically I am pretty sure that I was naturally destined to have a short lifespan (I have just a generally weak constitution, tonnes of imbalances, and deficiencies, probably full to the gills with dampness etc), so the fact that I am struggling with these habits, i'm basically gonna die really soon if I don't get real help Please I really need help, if anybody knows of some places, I really need to know
  10. Greetings

    Hi, I'm totally new to Daoism, QiGong etc. At 25 years old, I want to finally start doing something with my life apart from working and watching tv. I am obviously now interested in QiGong. I want to be able to start out as a beginner should be starting out (slowly and not going overboard which will most likely lead to dropping it shortly after). My ultimate goal is to achieve the so called true enlightenment that is often talked about but rarely understood. I understand that QiGong can indeed lead to this, but that it is quite a bit specialized compared to most of the other phases of QiGong (but that you must still start at the beginning). My goal is to learn online for 3-5 years some of the basics (I will be asking what websites etc would be best for this) while I save up my money and would ideally then like to travel somewhere in the world to meet with a legitimate master who can give what only 'in person' training can give (i'll also be asking about recommended retreats/masters/teachers). I like the romanticized notion of taking up a 5 year 'discipleship' retreat, but lets just see how the free online resources go first lol. That is all I can think of for now lol. Thanks!