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  1. If you have a legit practice and teacher they always say never force anything let it happen. I have been lurking on this forum for a while and everyone is in such a rush. Let the fruits of the practice unfold naturally on your path and great things will come.
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    Hi everyone I have been a long time lurker on this forum. I am currently practicing xingyi and bagua for about 2 years now. What lead me to the internals Ma is on Feb 8 2015 I was in a bad accident in the army and left me pretty crippled, I had a walking cane and it was getting so bad I was about to be in a wheel chair or major surgery. Then in 2017 after great research of west and east medicine I have found a legit teacher where I live after so many turned me down because they have no faith. Well in 2019 I ditched the cane I have been walking on my own for almost a year, I have little to no pain, arthritis is no existent, OFF ALL PRESCRIPTIONS. I was a non believer at first, but after healing bone/Joints a such a rate my team of doctors all can't believe the progress made in 2 years. I still have a long way to go before I am 100%, after my success with the IMA I would like to help my fellow practitioner.
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    Samm choy is the same thing as "Santi" but instead the lower hand makes a loose fist on the lowest rib. I started this posture with my lower hand on my cane balancing. This took me several months till i could stand on my own two feet, but the leg strength you get is amazing. This is about the time I started feeling energy in my hands(after I could hold samm choy 15min a side Minimum). Those months where very mentally demanding, this phase taught me most aliments can be healed just through hard work and living uncomfortable(Just know your limits if injured, 80% is a good rule). If anyone has my questions please don't hesitate, there are many more steps I took before I even walked the circle or did any forms. Side Note: My injury was my lower back all the way down my legs I had avascular necrosis of both hips ,both knees,calf's felt like concrete and walked like a penguin for years with my cane.
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    Great question. Standing in samm choy, to get the mind and body connection. When doing any forms I would go super slow. In the army we where always taught, slow is smooth and smooth is fast, so I just applied that philosophy.