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    Got it! Adapted/Found the stance to meet the physical limitation/requirement. And now you are caneless, yes? Proof positive it works. I only use a cane for walking now, myself, but can relate to not being able to stand unassisted (even had a walker at one point. UGH!). Well done and very interesting. Thanks much.
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    Hello, deathclutchone. Army here as well. Disabled as well. "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast". I remember this well... Q: "samm choy". Can you give more detail? Static posture? Post standing-esque? De Oppresso Liber
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    Nintendo: Just suspected, but it worked to the extent possible at the time. I find San Ti Shi more "energizing", but try to practice both daily. I have recently been referred to a traditional Chinese medical provider, wise in San Ti and Zhan Zhuang I am told, so I am looking forward to that more validated conversation. Thank you for the best wishes. moment: Thank you. I think I already am....
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    Thank you!
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    Hello. New guy here. Due to severe spinal surgeries, fusions, revisions, etc.. I find I have become a fledgling amateur of zhan zhuang, bagua zhuang, and interest in some cousins. Thats it. No studly past to regale as it is what got me here and doesn’t matter now anyway. All logical conversation welcome/craved. Thank you.